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I just received my remake and it is spot on! It was a night and day difference from the first suit they sent me. I was worried because the first one was so off. I sent in corrected measurements, and the remake fit perfectly out the box! I'll post pics later. Can't wait for the other suits to come in!
I'm Mike Deguzman. I like cars, suits, shoes, watches, and time with my family. I've been unregistered for while and finally decided to join.
My first post here, so please be kind. I'll return the same respect. I took a little risk with indochino and ordered 4 suits on Black Friday when they had their sale. So I figured, for less than what I've been spending on 1 custom suit, I could get 4. It was a gamble I was willing take. So here is suit 1. By the way, the other 3 suits are on hold until "the perfect fit" is achieved. The suit obviously needs a major remake. BTW I apologize about the dark pictures. It's a...
New Posts  All Forums: