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I have two pairs of shoes at home over the weekend. I bought both the 10D and the 10 1/2D. Each feels better at a different time. I have made a decision on one and and then the other, almost returned each pair, and then I change my mind. Pretty soon they will be so broken in I won't be able to return either. I like to wear Superfeet orthotics and have to keep swapping between black (dress shoes) and green (athletic shoes; slightly thicker) to see the true fit.   Like...
Good question, I'll have to find out. In my experience, anything outside BB's usual processes (helping you with an OTR Regent) can cause them to be a bit balky. But I haven't asked that question, so I will.
Those are great points.   I think many of us, regardless of color or ethnicity, tend to hang out with those most like us in our personal as well as our professional lives. As a retired military officer, I have much more in common with other current and former military people no matter their cultural background, gender, even nationality. I find I have less in common with whites like me who don't understand that experience and can't share in the shared sacrifice that...
I use one of my Allen Edmonds shoe bags to keep dust off the head of my clothes steamer.
I know I'm new here and late to this party, but here are a few thoughts about black on black or black shirts in general.   Aside from the douchebag look, black suits with black shirts give the appearance of one being either an undertaker or an assassin (think John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank), especially if paired with a black tie. The other look, depending on your personal appearance, is the Johnny Cash "Man in Black" vibe. Unless you are channeling him - which...
RedDevil10, exactly.   Those monk straps are nice, BTW.
I actually have four Alfani Red slim-fit suits - that gray one, the navy, the brown, and the black. I love them all, though I'm not as keen on the gray jacket due to the peak lapel. I'm guessing that's their "Mad Men" throwback suit. However, I see peak lapels once in awhile and if you are bold enough to carry it off, it looks fine as a 2-piece or 3-piece suit. The others are all notched.   I got all four suits together on sale for $760. That's less than $200/suit,...
Because square toes are about 15 years out of style and hideous.
I keep mine out on the floor of my closet so I can see them all each morning. I generally decide which shoes or boots I want to wear and then choose my suit from there. I wear each pair 1-3 times in two weeks.   I don't worry about dust or scratches because I am careful and I keep them all polished. At least once/month I polish all the brown together, then all the black together. If a pair gets scuffed, I polish them soon after.   Shoe bags are for travel.
Good point. But I want something fully canvased and of high quality, with pen pockets and everything. Still, I have never been to a Suit Supply, and now that they have one in DC, I should go check it out for myself.
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