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Brown shoes are acceptable with a navy suit, isn't it? I just bought a navy suit for a seminar at my university and I just realised I only have a pair of Herring Richmond in dark brown calf.    And should I wear a brown belt when wearing brown shoes?
Where do I go in Melbourne if I want to find a decent suit under $600? I need one for job interviews and other university related events, and I have left my suit at home. I realise that the budget might be considerably less than what most people on here would spend, but I still hope someone would be able to help me out.
Hi Australia!   I've been studying in Melbourne for the last year, but I haven't been in Australia for summer yet. At home at the moment, but going back to aus soon. My question is; how do you dress properly for australian summer? I'm from a rather cold place (scandinavia), so I literally have no idea how to dress nice in the hot climate. Any general advice? 
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