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I had been searching for a "tall" boot for several weeks.  Since they are nearly impossible to find in men's stores, that really means that I have been searching women's boots for that "perfect" boot.  Today I found it.  At Nordstrom Rack (their outlet store) a  $300 boot by Donald J Pliner for $55.  Low heel, black leather, no embellishments (buckles, etc).  I couldn't pass it up.  Very well made, looks very sharp, should work both with skinny jeans tucked in and boot...
I only recently joined the style forum so that I could respond to an article that touched on a subject of particular interest to me: men adopting some items of women's clothing and making it part of their own personal style. I have long been disappointed in the lack of choices and variety in men's clothing compared to the overwhelming choices available to women.  Men should have the same opportunity for choices that women have.
Sockless74 … Sure you can wear them, but if you are concerned about someone identifying them as women’s boots, perhaps search for something a bit “simpler” (no straps/buckles) or more “masculine” (think motorcycle boots).  I’m with you, I find typical men’s boots to be big and clunky and not at all what I want to wear.  There are many variations among women’s riding boots – height of heel, buckles/straps, no buckles/straps – and among these variations are many that look...
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