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Bought this shirt retail for around $200.  Tried it on once to check for fit, but because it was too small, did not wear it subsequently.  Size is small, but here are the specs:   Collar around - 16 inches Sleeve Length - 31.75 inches Yoke Width - 16.75 inches Chest - 19.75 inches Waist - 19.75 inches Length - 28.5 inches Sleeve Width - 8 inches   Thank you!
Selling a recently store-bought Levi's Made in the USA denim jacket.  Bought it for $200, but was unhappy with its fit.  Size is medium, but here are the specifics:   Chest - 20.25 inches Waist - 19.25 inches Shoulder - 18.25 inches Length - 25.5 inches Sleeve Length - 25.75 inches Sleeve Width - 7.5 inches   I've worn this jacket once, and did attempt once to do the "shrink to fit" treatment with a clean tub of hot water, but the size remained the same...
First post here.  I recently bought this jacket while searching for the right fit in a denim jacket, and unfortunately this one was a little small on me.  The size on the tag is 36, but here are the specific measurements:   Chest - 18.5 inches Waist - 16.5 inches Shoulder - 17.25 inches Length - 22.5 inches Sleeve Length - 25.5 inches Sleeve Width - 8.5 inches   I picked it up for a little over $100, and have only worn it to examine the fit on...
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