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While we're talking about BB shirts and fit, I have another question. Does BB sell any slim fit shirts that don't explicitly say "Slim Fit" on the tag? I ordered two of these shirts:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MG00887_Color=BLUE&contentpos=5&cgid=0310 Only the one that I mentioned earlier has arrived so far. It has the dark blue text on the tag but it does NOT say slim fit anywhere on it. I think...
Thanks ImTheGroom. Time to find a good tailor in Phoenix. 
Can a tailor do anything about overly puffy sleeves? I bought a BB sport shirt sight unseen and the sleeves are massive in the bicep area.. 
 I'm 22 and I love my beeswax Bushacres. They're the same as the DBs but with a cost-cutting rubber sole instead of crepe. They're cheap shoes to be sure but the leather uppers on them only seem to get better with age.  White nubucks with red soles is a little... obnoxious. 
Thanks for the feedback. You're right that it is a very loud and casual shirt. To that end I normally wear it with both top buttons undone instead of just the one, which I feel kind of helps the collar to spread out and not look so small against my head. I just ran off to Brooks Bros and ordered two of their linen sport shirts on clearance for $49 each. Linen is a great material out here, and I do so love the generous collar of a Brooks Brothers shirt 
Just so y'all know, Amazon does a 20% off coupon for first-time shoe buyers from their website, and they also honor Allen Edmonds' sale prices. Rediscovering America sale + 20% off = Win. I don't even need any more shoes right now but at $160 for a pair of Neumok firsts... my credit card is looking at me very nervously right now.
What do you all think about the collar on this Land's End Canvas shirt I bought? I think it looks absurdly skimpy next to my huge head so I took a photo to get some opinions. It's a button-down. My one and only Brooks Bros button-down, on the other hand, has a beautiful flowing collar. Sorry for the general frumpiness of the photo; I just threw the shirt on to take a picture of it. This is after a machine wash & dry.  
"What is the highest you are willing to pay?"   or   Just repeat the asking price that you listed in your ad. 
Yikes. It's probably best if you just give it up and quit posting in this thread. You're not going to gain anything by continuing to banter. 
I agree, that's what comes to mind for me. But if you can wear it with confidence, then go for it. 
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