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Do you have anymore pics of your 3137's?
Do you have anymore pics? Also, how was the fit? I'm a 9.5 in Nike. Thinking about ordering a 9Thanks for the help!
Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase the red wing chukka 3137 or 3140. These will be my office shoes. Which model would be more appropriate for the business casual setting? (Jeans and a polo)   Thank you. 
Hello everyone, looking to purchase my first pair of red wing 1907 boots. If i wear a 9.5 in nike air max, should i size down to a 8.5? Have heard from reviews they run a bit big. Any help appreciated, thank you!
Could anyone possibly identify these for me? http://shop.nudiejeans.com/en/product/2297/org-black-indigo I have been on the search for these shoes/boots for awhile now!
Hello gentlemen/ ladies, i'm pretty new here, so excuse me if i'm posting in the wrong section. I have been looking for these boots/shoes for awhile now. Can anybody identify these for me? Thank you http://shop.nudiejeans.com/en/product/2297/org-black-indigo
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