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  Guess I'll have to see it in the flesh regarding the size. But it looks nice to me 
Sorry if this has been covered, just seeing what thoughts anyone has on this:   http://www.omegawatches.com/collection/speedmaster/skywalker-x-33/presentation/skywalker-x33
Not at all - and the Shturmanskie military chronograph is great!
I guess now's not the time to show these photos  Ever since I saw Mr. Frills post the SD4000 I've needed to compare it to the watch I thought I wanted. I recently had a chance to do that and... I catch myself still being drawn to the JLC. With my stupendous lack of knowledge, I at least realises (I hope!) one is sports watch and the other a dress watch. But that makes little difference to me. Whatever I get will be worn all the time, because... it is a watch... and i can't...
LOL. He is consistent. i had asked about the new Omega GMT and he steered me away form it which I thank him for. Now I've just looked at the new Rolex  SD4000 in a shop last night and ... it's very nice. It's a toss up for me between the the new SD4000 and JLC master Calendar... Decisions...
Apologies for my lack of knowledge - but why is it some of these have "Ring Lock System" on the inner ring and some don't? I think it looks infinitely better without.
  Yes... this new SD is very nice...!
It's rare to see positive comments in this thread - so it's good to see a general consensus ok this jacket. Nice!
Thanks BG - but I've not saved enough for it just yet.
Yeah - I hear you. The AT I liked the most was the GMT. I can get that for USD $5,700 or the jlc for USD $8,550. So yeah - I can see your point.I couldn't imagine living in a place where I'd be worried about my hand being chopped off for a watch. Or indeed - for anything.
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