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Hi. Looking for some help. I bought a pair of Audley size 7 / 7.5, chestnut antique on an E82 Last. I love everything about these boots - however, I have only worn them about 5 times due to the severe pain I get around the back of the heel.    I was only recently able to take them to EG in London to get their opinion on how I can soften the leather at the heel area and to their credit they took them and tried to do what they could AND sent them back to me at no charge....
I don't see it:  wow, i've just realised I've been saving and procrastinating about this for over a year... post #33395
I'm chasing after this watch, but the normal dial. Personally I think the meteorite detracts from the rest of the face, making it too busy. It's personally preference of course, but the  155.84.20 for me is the perfect watch. 
lol. Excellent.
I've noticed a difference between this picture and their website. Their web site has what looks like a brown material strip on the outside of the front zips (which looks aweful), whereas this picture looks like either black material or not there.
Spot on
exactly - and doubt it is considered a "pilot watch" and doubt Rolex were targeting pilots.A GMT / multi time zone model is probably the most a pilot would be after - assuming they even want a "pilot watch". I've never seen anyone use the chronograph on their watch. Ever.Very rare on high end watches these days, but believe it or not, an alarm function would be handy (but not a deal breaker). What would be great would be a multi time zone watch that the buyer gets to name...
i find it amusing what watch companies think a pilot would want in a watch. I do like an analogue and digital read out though. Perhaps it's why the breitling is popular with airline pilots.
Yes -yes - please. If this could be passed on that would be great.
I have a very old Seiko, not of any value other than sentimental, as my father gave it to me 24 years ago.   The battery stops every now and then and I take it to the repair centre and get them to check it out. on its return I am told not to get it wet as something inside is not creating a good seal.    I told them I'd be happy to pay for a new seal / etc. to which they said they don't have parts for this watch any more and that all Seiko watches have spare parts for...
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