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First is the best, followed by the second.
I think this is awesome
as part of my "narrowing down", this has made my list. I'm not sure of the silver face with the ss case...
The duo is the watch that made JLC my grail watch. I understand the attraction of self winding, but would love to see an auto version. Stunning watch. 
Ha! I will have to buy one for each wrist now... Thanks to Mimo, Cleav and Dino for your replies. I don't really need all the different functionalities like GMT or chrono. I like some of the GO ones, I don't' mind moon phases - I guess we all like different things for different reasons.  I think I may have to take a closer look at the second hand watches a bit closer. Perhaps I should go for a second hand jaeger that is more in line with what I really want. Back to the...
Thank you very much Dino for the reply. I'm an international airline pilot. This may lead people to believe that I should go for something in the IWC line, but to put things into perspective, my grail watch would be something like the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon or Master Tourbillon. I realise these are totally different watches to the Omega, but not in my price range. The Omega GMT price… OK, so, in Hong Kong (where I live), the price is around HKD...
Hi. Was hoping to get some thoughts / opinions on the Omega GMT? I'm considering this one:    http://www.omegawatches.com/collection/seamaster/aqua-terra-150-m/co-axial-gmt/23110432203001   Other recommendations for similar watches appreciated.   While I'm sure they are nice watches, I'm not too fond of Rolex. The "speedy" I guess is ok, but I prefer a combination of practical and looks.
Some beautiful pieces in these last few pages. Congrats.
Please - someone post a picture of "mystique"!
LOL bwahahahaa.
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