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Not at all - and the Shturmanskie military chronograph is great!
I guess now's not the time to show these photos  Ever since I saw Mr. Frills post the SD4000 I've needed to compare it to the watch I thought I wanted. I recently had a chance to do that and... I catch myself still being drawn to the JLC. With my stupendous lack of knowledge, I at least realises (I hope!) one is sports watch and the other a dress watch. But that makes little difference to me. Whatever I get will be worn all the time, because... it is a watch... and i can't...
LOL. He is consistent. i had asked about the new Omega GMT and he steered me away form it which I thank him for. Now I've just looked at the new Rolex  SD4000 in a shop last night and ... it's very nice. It's a toss up for me between the the new SD4000 and JLC master Calendar... Decisions...
Apologies for my lack of knowledge - but why is it some of these have "Ring Lock System" on the inner ring and some don't? I think it looks infinitely better without.
  Yes... this new SD is very nice...!
It's rare to see positive comments in this thread - so it's good to see a general consensus ok this jacket. Nice!
Thanks BG - but I've not saved enough for it just yet.
Yeah - I hear you. The AT I liked the most was the GMT. I can get that for USD $5,700 or the jlc for USD $8,550. So yeah - I can see your point.I couldn't imagine living in a place where I'd be worried about my hand being chopped off for a watch. Or indeed - for anything.
It's funny - I got some Luke warm feedback on the aqua terra... I like it a lot, but looked at the jlc master calendar next to it and both girlfriend and I agreed the jlc won (hands down). A little bit more and probably for different events / functions. But... What can you do.
How to get the Rolex without the date magnifier?
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