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I'm looking at fabrics for a navy blazer. Something rougher looking than a suit, and also light in weight. Some ideas are:   Navy hopsack, 280gr - 4215, 240gr - TR2002 Cool Effect, 190gr -   Any suggestions?
  Yes, tell me how well it worked.     Have you been able to improve yours?
  No surgeon's cuffs because I wanted easier tailoring if I needed to lengthen the sleeves (though there is faux button stitching). The trial suit sleeves were too short, and KW recommended a certain amount of lengthening, but I wasn't sure if it was enough without trying it on.
I have to say, I've really enjoyed buying from Kent Wang and I will continue to do so. I've bought several key items for my wedding from KW. He has great taste and helped me navigate my MTM with great respect and care. I've provided some photos (they're all "action" shots—no SF stills available) to let you see how the final product turned out.   For my wedding, I wore the following KW items:   - MTM 2-piece suit, 7033 charcoal grey. Default options except for...
  The origina listing had the authentic tags per your guide. He said it was a simple mix-up with his other peacoats he was selling.
    The seller admitted his mistake and agreed to either lower the price or do a full refund and pay for all shipping. Are "fake" productions like this generally not 100% wool of good quality?
I bought a peacoat on eBay recently, believing it was a Vietnam era Kersey according to the photos in the listing. But what was given to me was the phony version as described by Peacoat's thread (meaning, they sent me a different item).   Does anyone know if the fake version, especially this one, is made of 100% wool? I have nothing to compare this one too, unfortunately.  
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