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Guys -   Anyone know what this type of turtleneck is called?   (Sorry for the instagram link)
I really like this one, especially in the bow. Hopefully a store has it, as it appears to have sold out on-line.
Really sucks being stuck at school right now with no BB within 100 miles. The clothing on-line is on point, especially some of the ties. The prices, however, are a bit steep and am hoping to see if I can place an order on the phone for a bow tie or something. The green shawl is an absolute, just maybe $50 cheaper.
Lol. It is a vintage shirt to start with. Pretty comical as I'm a college student and the washing machine here absolutely has to have knives in it. Might go patch work and make something useful out of it.
Hi guys:   I was washing this Ralph Lauren oxford today, and as I took it out of the wash to hang dry, I realized this huge, gaping hole on the left-arm sleeve. It's one of my favorite shirts and I don't want to throw it away. Anyone have any ideas what I can do with it?     
Where can I purchase any of these? Can't go back to Italy ... :[
If you wouldn't mind. I just got back from Italy and am disappointed I didn't do better searching around for tartan's. Shoot me a pm, please!
  Can anyone find me a scarf similar to this one? Really want to focus on the white and thick Red tartan.
    Can anyone find me a similar scarf to this one? I understand it is a tartan but I've had no luck anywhere!
I'm not sure if you're going to be able to slap the 15% student onto a sale already.
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