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 The chukka is on the Detroit last.
 I own boots in both lasts. I would say that Soller is a (tiny) bit wider than Rain, although I do have the same size in both lasts.
I vote purple. I really want to avoid red lining as I dislike it. That bright red just doesn't look pleasant in my eyes.
I'm sure it's still possible. Just send a PM to Steve.
The lining is only visible when you aren't wearing the shoes. The only way that someone could get a glimpse of the lining is if you were to take off the shoes next to someone.
It seems like we have six participants now. Am I right?
 Let's not change the specifications now. I agree with Burton that it would be a deal breaker.
 You in? You know that you want a pair...
We're organizing an MTO over at the Gentlemen's Footwear affiliate thread for a pair of five eyelet chukkas in tobacco suede.   This is how the boot will look, but in tobacco suede:       Full specifications below:   Carmina five eyelet chukka (model: 905) Tobacco Suede Rain last (wide/narrow sizes available) Single Dainite sole   We just need two more participants to make this MTO a go! Send a PM to @steveyoo1983 if you're interested!  
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