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I still haven't bought a basic navy suit yet, but there's an event coming up that might require a suit like that. So hey, it's a perfect excuse to buy one! The thing with SS is that many of their more classic ("basic") models are mostly in their Napoli fit. Unfortunately, Napoli doesn't fit me at all, the shoulders and the chest area is too wide. There's Sienna (I actually already own a suit in that fit), but I'd prefer one without a ticket pocket. Although, I've found...
I'm actually looking to get my first "real" briefcase. I'm going with Mulberry's Elkington briefcase, but I have small issue. Which colour should I go with - tan or dark brown? I've asked around a little, those around me seem to prefer the tan one.   [Photos below borrowed from the Internet]       Not the best pictures, I know, but I just grabbed them from Google.
Just a quick question about colour matching: I've already planned what to wear to the upcoming new year's celeberation. It's fairly causal (no tuxedo), so this is what I've planned to wear: Navy jacket, blue and white striped shirt, Drake's burgundy grenadine tie, mid-grey flannels and black Oxfords. The issue is that I'm unsure about the handkerchief. I thought about going with a green Victory handkerchief from Rubinacci, but wouldn't the green clash in any way?   This...
How is the fabric thickness of SS' outerwear? Would a Suitsupply overcoat be able to keep me sufficiently warm through a Swedish (Stockholm) winter?
What do you guys have to say about SS' double breasted suits/jackets? Are the lapels proportinate when it comes to smaller sizes (EU 44)? I have a DB jacket (non-SS) which I love, hence I'd like to add some more DB pieces to my wardrobe, but it's the lapels that scare me. I'm pretty young, so DB jackets need to have a more slim silhouette compared to single breasted ones to not make me look "too" old.
Has SS started to equip all their suits/jackets with horn buttons? Bought a Havana jacket which I received yesterday, the buttons aren't as "plasticky" as they're on my older Havana jackets. The buttons are rather thick and look like those on my Sienna suit jacket.
God, I'd love to have that green Havana jacket. I mailed them inquiring about future restocks (size EU 44), received an answer stating that the jacket won't be restocked... :(
Is SS' "Blue Line" half-canvassed or fully fused?
How much is it possible to let out an SS wool jacket in the waist? I'm very happy that they're offering their new "make your own suit service", as I need seperates when it comes to jackets and trousers. Although, the problem is that my chest and shoulders are tiny, so I'm in between sizes 42-44. Size 42 needs about four-five cm extra around the waist, while size 44 gets too large around the chest and (a tiny bit) in the shoulders.
Is it possible to alter a shirt in the chest only? I've found one that fits me perfectly, except for the chest area.
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