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I was browsing some stores around the city yesterday, while I suddenly saw some Burberry trenchcoats on sale. I've actually been on lookout for one during a while, but I decided to wait as I ain't in a rush and the price tags on those Burberry trenches aren't directly the smallest. Seeing those on sale started to get my fingers itching. There's just one problem: I'm usually a size 46 (EU), although the trenchcoat in 46 fit a little snugly around the chest. I even tried it...
You're welcome!
I think the fabric is called "donegal".
Have you tried inserting a thin leather insole? I've lost some weight recently and my older shoes felt a little on the looser side. The insoles helped a great deal, they reduce the shoes with approximately half a size.
Has anyone tried on this pea coat from Aquascutum? I really like the look of it. Although, no store stocks it here in Stockholm, and I'd rather not want to pay for the return shipping. If you happen to own this coat: would you mind posting a couple of pictures, please?
 I'll try to take a picture, if I remember it hopefully. Although, SkoAB's pictures a pretty accurate.
Enzo Bonafé chukka in Baby Lama Calf - Maiden voyage!        
 No problem!  
 If you haven't noticed, that boot isn't in shell cordovan, but regular calf.
X-post from "Rock Your Socks" thread:   Carmina - chukka in tobacco suede, Rain last Sozzi - dotted dark green OTC socks PRL (made by Incotex) - navy trousers      
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