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God, I'd love to have that green Havana jacket. I mailed them inquiring about future restocks (size EU 44), received an answer stating that the jacket won't be restocked... :(
Is SS' "Blue Line" half-canvassed or fully fused?
How much is it possible to let out an SS wool jacket in the waist? I'm very happy that they're offering their new "make your own suit service", as I need seperates when it comes to jackets and trousers. Although, the problem is that my chest and shoulders are tiny, so I'm in between sizes 42-44. Size 42 needs about four-five cm extra around the waist, while size 44 gets too large around the chest and (a tiny bit) in the shoulders.
Is it possible to alter a shirt in the chest only? I've found one that fits me perfectly, except for the chest area.
Was this Washington jacket added recently? http://eu.suitsupply.com/sv/pre-order/washington-bla-enfargad/C821.html?cgid=pre-order   I just don't know how I feel about flap pockets on an odd jacket. Won't it look a like an orphaned suit jacket?
 Thank you, I appreciate it!
  Incotex - Tan cotton trousers Sozzi - Burgundy dotted OTC wool socks Carmina - Loden suede chukkas
 Received an answer from them now. You're right, it's a hemp/wool blend (75% hemp and 25% wool).
Just saw that. The description says cotton/linen, while the fabric tab says wool/hemp.I guess that the latter one is correct. I just sent them an email though, just to be sure.
Loved the new blue wool/hemp Hudson jacket.   One question: Would it be possible to let it out around the waist without leaving any marks from the previous stiching? I only need about one cm extra around the waist. Did the same thing to my wool Havana jacket without any issues, although this jacket isn't 100% wool.   Link to the jacket: http://eu.suitsupply.com/sv/pre-order/hudson-bla-enfargad/C953.html?cgid=pre-order
New Posts  All Forums: