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Carmina Snuff Suede String Loafers:   [[SPOILER]]
 Whoops, sorry. Thought you were talking about the museum balmoral boot.
Dainite would be the most suitable rubber sole for a balmoral. It isn't as "rough" as Victory/Ridgeway soles are.
I would say that Robert or Forest (I'd prefer the latter) is suitable for a balmoral.
Patrik from SkoAB stated that museum calf is now available to order from Carmina.
I would prefer a darker brown. I actually own more burgundy pairs than brown, although I might be convinced. If it's going to be a balmoral (which I hope), all (non-visible) eyelets would be preferred. I also agree with on the Daninte sole, it's the best "discrete" rubber sole for our harsh Nordic winters.
This might be a little early , but it's an idea we can scratch on for a little while: Would anyone be up for a boot (maybe a balmoral) in a museum leather for the coming winter? Perhaps in a brown nuance?
I remember that you guys mentioned a while ago that you'll receive a new dark brown suede oxford this fall. How is this model different compared to the Suede Allstar model you had in stock?
  Great, we've got our sixth participant. Seems like this MTO is good to go!
A pull tab would be a huge plus, although I would Iike it to be placed as the tabs normally are on chelseas (on top of the shaft). EDIT: I googled Carmina chelseas and it seems like that a pull tab is possible. SkoAB's chelseas had pull tabs, unlike Unipair's boots.
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