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Will you restock the Carmina calf/grain balmoral boot anytime soon?
Nice jacket! Only wondering how to combine it...
I might be in for an alligator strapped jodhpur. Although, I'd like the strap to be in the same color as the uppers, like the JL's pictured above. I ain't really a big fan of contrasting details.
Isn't anyone up for the black balmoral boot I posted about earlier? C'mon guys!  
I actually have some pictures from me wearing the Havana jacket I spoke about earlier. Mind giving me any critique? I know that the pictures aren't the greatest, but I hope it's enough.   [[SPOILER]]   There's a small amount of fabric bunching behind the neck, but this is as far as I know easily fixable. It also seems like the jacket is a tad bit too short, but remember that the vents are still closed. The back pictures are rather poor, as my arms were too close to my...
 I really liked the look of the cashmere jacket. But just as you mentioned, it too is sold out in my size. I haven't actually ever worked out, so I basically lack muscle volume around the chest and shoulders, which makes me need to buy pretty small sizes (size 44 in Havana, which isn't really the most usual size for somone who's 180 cm tall).
The jacket wasn't out of stock when I ordered it yesterday. SS emailed me today stating that they've canceled my order because it's suddenly run out of stock.We unfortunately don't have any SS stores here in Stockholm.
I just received an email from Suitsupply stating that the Havana jacket I ordered is out of stock in my size. It's seems pretty strange as their website specified that they had two jackets in stock yesterday when I placed my order, and they suddenly realise that they've run out of jackets...
Sorry, I'd prefer the stitch cap. As I said, I need a pair of formal black oxfords, but in a boot version.Is anyone else interested? C'mon guys!
 Is it this jacket you're talking about? I actually saw it a while ago, but it wasn't available in my size.Has anyone here tested a Hudson jacket? How does it fit compared to Havana?Edit: Just saw that you added those pictures to your post. Seems like it's the same jacket I linked to.
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