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Sorry, seems like there've been some sort of misunderstanding. I didn't inquiry about the price difference, rather about the differences between the MTO options (Option 2/Top Drawer).
Could I ask what the difference between MTO Option 2 and Top Drawer is?
So it's also possible to do it on the 82 last through MTO Option 2, without going Top Drawer? In that case it'd be 11 800 SEK.
Patrik, is it possible do a Dover MTO on the 82 last without going Top Drawer?
 Indeed. Is there anyone who can confirm if Dover is doable on the 82 last without going Top Drawer?
 Seems like this one is on 82: http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy/2325#post_6103200
What about the 82 last? Is that also available without going Top Drawer?
Which lasts is the Dover available in? I don't quite like the 606 last, it's too chiseled, I'm more fond of rounder lasts. Is it possible to do an MTO on the 202 or 82 last without going Top Drawer?
As far as I know, Carmina only offers a hybrid (leather/rubber) commando sole.
 I might be interested in this, but as others have asked: Is Carmina able to supply a "finer" grain comparable to JL?
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