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 I wear the same size (UK 8.5) in Uetam loafers, regardless of the material.
  Just two more for the Frankenstitch!
C'mon guys, just three more for the Frankenstitch boot!
C'mon guys, let's get the Frankenstitch MTO going! I want those bad boys before end of winter!
I have wide-ish feet and Oscar works for me.
There is an example on the last page, which I guess you've seen by now.Yepp, I'm in so long we're going with Victory/Dainite soles.
Whoops, I actually meant to write Soller and Oscar. Either one is fine by me, so let's go with Oscar!
I'm only in if we're going with Soller. I think that single sole may be better if we skip the stormwelt. Seems that double sole might feel a little bit naked without stormwelt.
The choice of soles won't matter for me as long as it's between Dainite or Victory (although I'd probably prefer Dainite, it dosen't wear out as much as Victory does when used during non-snowy days, and gravel dosen't get stuck as it does on Victory). Would you guys like to go with a single soles (like the boots pictured above), or would you'd like to do it with double soles plus stormwelt?
I might be in for the MTO mentioned above. Is that on Soller? I'd actually prefer Victory or Dainite soles over commando. I ain't really fond of Carmina's commando soles, they're too thin and I wear out the toes after a couple of wears.
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