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Would this alteration be considered more advanced than usual, or is it something most tailors can fix?
Hi guys,   I bought two pairs of Incotex trousers, one in size 46 and the other in 48. The issue is that the 46 fits me well in the seat and waist, although the legs (from the thighs down) are on the tighter side. On the other hand, the legs on the 48 fits well , although there is a bunch of overflow fabric in the seat and waist. I checked the leg differences between the two sizes and it seems like they just differ 1 cm (about 0,39 inches) in the thighs and knees along...
 Thank you Tifosi!  Thanks DpprDr. Unfortunately, I've already seen that picture. I was actually looking for the Dover itself on the 32 last.
Is it possible for any of you guys with a pair of 202 Dover (preferably Doak) to upload a top-down picture of them? Thanks in advance.   Also, does anyone here happen to own a Dover on the 32 last? I've tried searching for a picture, but haven't found any good ones, they seem pretty rare. Please upload a picture if you can.  
These will be my first pair of EG's, so I'll play safe and go with the classic doak.I also checked out the 82 last, do you think that'll be too formal for a Dover? The thing is that it looks a little longer copmared to 202 on some pictures I've checked out. I also know that the 32 last is an option, but I've never seen that last in real life before.
 They look wonderful!  May I ask what last they're on?  By the way guys, I thought about doing a Dover MTO before SkoAB's price adjustment. As I mentioned earlier, I ain't the biggest fan of chiseled lasts and the Dover on the 606 isn't that appeling to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the makeup, but as I've said before: I'm more fond of rounder lasts. I actually saw Meermin's split toe derby on the Hiro last, which I found appealing. Although, I have never handled a...
Sorry, seems like there've been some sort of misunderstanding. I didn't inquire about the price difference, rather about the difference between the MTO options (Option 2/Top Drawer).
Could I ask what the difference between MTO Option 2 and Top Drawer is?
So it's also possible to do it on the 82 last through MTO Option 2, without going Top Drawer? In that case it'd be 11 800 SEK.
Patrik, is it possible do a Dover MTO on the 82 last without going Top Drawer?
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