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Is it possible to alter a shirt in the chest only? I've found one that fits me perfectly, except for the chest area.
Was this Washington jacket added recently? http://eu.suitsupply.com/sv/pre-order/washington-bla-enfargad/C821.html?cgid=pre-order   I just don't know how I feel about flap pockets on an odd jacket. Won't it look a like an orphaned suit jacket?
 Thank you, I appreciate it!
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 Received an answer from them now. You're right, it's a hemp/wool blend (75% hemp and 25% wool).
Just saw that. The description says cotton/linen, while the fabric tab says wool/hemp.I guess that the latter one is correct. I just sent them an email though, just to be sure.
Loved the new blue wool/hemp Hudson jacket.   One question: Would it be possible to let it out around the waist without leaving any marks from the previous stiching? I only need about one cm extra around the waist. Did the same thing to my wool Havana jacket without any issues, although this jacket isn't 100% wool.   Link to the jacket: http://eu.suitsupply.com/sv/pre-order/hudson-bla-enfargad/C953.html?cgid=pre-order
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 That's what I thought. I really need a tux for this summer, but Napoli fits me horribly. How unfortunate that they don't offer it in a different fit. After taking a look at the measurements of the navy one, I'd say that'd fit me perfectly, but I'm rather in need of a black one.
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