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All other fit issues aside, are the armholes on this coat unusually low/too low/too big on this coat?
I'm selling a vintage high quality top hat on German ebay in size 57.
Christmas eve in Germany:
According to my knowledge, a wing collar shirt should not have french cuffs.
I want to buy a shirt with a detachable wing collar. However, the collars I found so far (like this one: are only available in steps of 0.5 inches, so there are only 15.5 and 16 while my regular collar size is 15.75. Is there any online shop that sells a 15.75 or should I just buy a 16? After wearing the wrong collar size for many years, I am afraid that there might be a collar gap with 16.
Thank you, Shoeluv.   I also found bow ties at Hilditch & Key, Charles Tyrwhitt, T.M. Lewin, etc. but don't know about the quality unfortunately.   I never heard about that "German bow tie" before... :)
Sorry for the missing information. I live in Germany and would like to pay up to 60€. I would also buy from a shop located in the US though, although the shipping fee could be expensive.
Where can I buy a good bow tie for a black tie event on the internet?
Where should I buy a bow tie to wear with a tuxedo (price should be up to 60€)? I've already looked at Charles Tyrwhitt and The Tie Bar, but don't know about the quality. The shop should deliver to Germany.
Is there any solid way to combine these pants with a sport coat or should I return them? They are not part of a suit actually.
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