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Would I be able to get a schedule for the Epaulet Santa Monica store during Christmas week? Will the Epaulet Santa Monica store be open anytime from Monday the 23rd of December to Friday the 27th?
Hmm weird that you guys are getting errors trying to load the shop. I tried to generate errors doing a few different things, and no matter what I do, it's still loading fine.
This has probably been asked quite a few times, but I can't seem to find it. If I wear a size 34 in rivets, what size should I grab in rudys?
Could I get some sizing help with these (http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear-special-order/products/group-buy-hand-burnished-scotch-grain-jumper-boot-deposit) please? I wear a size 13D AE Fifth Avenue and 12D Wolverine 1000 mile.
Hey guys. I'm looking at a pair of Carmina boots on the Oscar last, and I could use some help sizing them. I wear a size 13d in Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue. I wear a size 12D in Wolverine 1000 miles.
Hehe, that's funny. I saw it as good deals for those with smaller feet.
Can anyone weigh in on the warmth of the flannel button downs? Are they significantly warmer than the oxfords?
Are those your cigarettes on the ground? :(
I'm looking into getting a sportcoat from Epaulet, but it doesn't really look like any of their sizes will fit me. I have 19" shoulders, 27" sleeves, and a 43" chest. Any suggestions? I like a very slim fit in the body. 
The only time I've ever wished I was shorter. This is a beautiful jacket at a great price :)
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