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Can the jacket from the Havana traveler suit in blue work on its own? It has patch pockets. Trying to decide btw the suit and the Havana blazer in navy. Thanks
I have a similar collection. I read the reviews on the 2.0 and several people are not happy with the redesign. Stocked up in two more pairs of the original.
I am also thinking about picking up a second pair of strands. I doubt anyone will notice or even care. The big question is where are you getting strand firsts for 170.
thanks.  much appreciated.
  which tie is this?  can't seem to find it on the website.  thanks.
I purchased a kent wang polo in large.  I think it is about 1.5 inches too long for me.  All other dimensions fit well.  Can I expect any shrinkage in length or should have it shortened?  Does Kent still do MTM for polos or is this something my tailor could do?  Thanks.  
I am interviewing for a job in a conservative field.  I am about to pull the trigger on this Brooks Brothers 1818 Fitzgerald Tic.  It is a dark grey but has a texture and birdseye (?) pattern to it.  Is this suit not only appropriate but favorable for a job interview or am I better off getting solid charcoal or navy?  I like the feel of the birdseye material better than the solid grey but at this point I can get only one suit.  Thoughts?...
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