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I am just marveling at how many alterations had to be done to this suit for a guy who "doesn't need many alterations". Unreal.
The jacket sleeves may be too forward for your arms. A sleeve pitch issue. Either that or there is too much fullness at the sleeve cap and the sleeve needs to be removed and recut to fix it. With the trousers, they look pretty good from the back. Based on your build, I would recommend braces/suspenders to pull the front up onto the stomach some. If the waistband is falling down, it disturbs the natural intended balance of the the trouser and creates a sloppy drape straight...
It's really hard to say...Anytime a person holds their arms like that wearing any upper body garment there will be torsion in the sleeves.To be anything close to accurate, we need to see pics of you standing like the very first post in this thread instructs. BUT My guess is that the sleeves may not have a pitch issue but are too slim for your arms.
Looks fine around the body. Jacket may be a bit long and sleeves look full.
ImTheGroom   First of all, congrats on thrifting all that great stuff!!   Most of the adjustments would be minor IF you weren't dealing with a rather erect posture and slight barrel chest. Because of this, the back balance on pretty much every garment pictured is too long and conversely the front balance is too short. Notice how the back falls down and seems to have excess drape? Also, all the single vent jackets split open because of this reason. The front of every...
To anyone following this thread:   Astor & Black "the name" was bought by an old A&B agent and will be selling those garments again. I'm sure he bought the name because a great big client list came with it. So, if you see A&B pop up in the #menswear sphere again, that's why.   Secondly, I have 6 suits that were never received by former clients that I am looking to part with. They all fall in the 40-42 size range. They were made for 2 different clients. 3 for one and 3...
If the shoulders were squared at the backpart only, it will naturally shorten the back. That will caused the jacket to fall down in the back because it requires that extra length. This is where you're getting the unbalanced look and feel. Properly squaring the shoulders from the front and back would not change the balance point. As Despos said before, that would've worked better BUT it's a major job that involves recutting the neckhole and possibly the collar as well. Not...
They need to have the back fork released all the way from the top of the fork tapering down to the knee (back part of the inseam only). Taking in the seat only a little in conjunction with releasing the back fork should also help reduce excess fabric width wise.That's about all you can do.
Pics always tell the story.
Had time to take horrible (ineffective for fit critique) selfie, edit it, crop it, and post it to tailor's thread.   Did not have time to put on pants.   
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