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If it's RTW, the chest is a tad small and it's pulling fabric where the sleeves are attached. So, the fit of the chest is not good if it causes that. You just happen to like how close it is.
It's a little too hard to tell. Better pics are needed.
In case anyone is reading this who doesn't have a super slim physique...the suit I'm wearing above is tailored for my 47" chest, 39" waist, 42" hips. At 6'2" 220 lbs, I'm definitely not a great candidate for "slim fit" but it can be done.
Something a little different. Super-flecked light grey donegal tweed. Red gingham microcheck shirt. Green base, tan and blue polka dotted tie. Yellow, green, red silk square. Vintage globe lapel pin. Tan double monks.   First time iGenting for me...   You'll usually find me in a sewing room somewhere..      
If you're in a store trying on OTR RLPL and Canali and  they fit like that and you're postig pics in this thread, I'd consider a quality MTM suit. THe reason being these OTR suits are not built to your posture. THe other is do you see those diagonal drags/folds of cloth running from your neck down your sides? And the crushing fronts next to the buttoning point in the front? Those are symptoms of very sloped shoulders. The only fix for that is to either pack out the...
FYI.. Tailors are busy peeps Got questions you need answered by folks who uh kinda know what they're actually talking about? Like for real know? PM us. Sorry, but we can't prevent old anyone from posting old whatever they old want up in here.
Despite the horrible picture position (I've addressed this too many times to be nice about it), looks like front balance is too short.
If you have forward hips and bowed legs and flat seat and can't do and or afford bespoke, you need to find a very sure made to measure supplier, dealer, tailor, seller, whatever that knows what they're doing and can see your body well enough to ask for a proper adjustment. On the ground alterations (as opposed to before make pattern adj) to fix those issues are quite significant and if they are possible, also require the hand of a very skilled alterations tailor or a...
I am just marveling at how many alterations had to be done to this suit for a guy who "doesn't need many alterations". Unreal.
The jacket sleeves may be too forward for your arms. A sleeve pitch issue. Either that or there is too much fullness at the sleeve cap and the sleeve needs to be removed and recut to fix it. With the trousers, they look pretty good from the back. Based on your build, I would recommend braces/suspenders to pull the front up onto the stomach some. If the waistband is falling down, it disturbs the natural intended balance of the the trouser and creates a sloppy drape straight...
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