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If the shoulders were squared at the backpart only, it will naturally shorten the back. That will caused the jacket to fall down in the back because it requires that extra length. This is where you're getting the unbalanced look and feel. Properly squaring the shoulders from the front and back would not change the balance point. As Despos said before, that would've worked better BUT it's a major job that involves recutting the neckhole and possibly the collar as well. Not...
They need to have the back fork released all the way from the top of the fork tapering down to the knee (back part of the inseam only). Taking in the seat only a little in conjunction with releasing the back fork should also help reduce excess fabric width wise.That's about all you can do.
Pics always tell the story.
Had time to take horrible (ineffective for fit critique) selfie, edit it, crop it, and post it to tailor's thread.   Did not have time to put on pants.   
def need more appropriate pics. refer to very first post in thread
Any fabric store or wawak.com
Reweaving will cost more than the shirt. You could either try to have machine darned but that may make it more obvious than it already is.The other option is to use something like fray check to coat the hole so that it doesn't fray anymore. Trim away any tiny fuzzies and apply the fray check to the edge of the hole. You could even go just a bit farther by attaching a piece of shirting fabric on the underside of the collar where the hole is using some fusible fabric fusion...
A 40 L would have about a 44" chest. The measurement for the p2p is probably not taken correctly. The off the rack standard range for most brands in a 40L 'classic fit' is going to be 18.75" and 19.25"
Would just about guarantee it has a large and low armhole. Based on description, it sounds like a 44L with shortened sleeves. No matter what you're looking for, this jacket is meant to come off as classic and probably wouldn't work well trying to make it "trendy" as far as fit is concerned. Also, the true chest measure is likely not a 44 but more like 46-48. If it's a 44 jacket, the over chest measure is greater. If it is smaller than a 44, the point to point is probably...
 Depending on where you're buying it, that measurement is speculative. Is it an MTM from a previous client? Is it RTW?If you actually measure 19.5 by a tailor, your chest is probably between 43 and 45 (a guess). A 20" p2p is usually seen on a 44 off the rack. Sometimes 44's have 19.5" shoulders but usually 20 to 20.5 even in the case of a canali or similar cut. If it was mtm and the p2p is 20", you need to ask some questions to see what the chest was, as well.
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