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Have you tailor perform what they call the "collar tuck". Really, the incline you selected is incorrect. Your posture is not "hunched" or erect. Hunched is for those guys who are older with serious stoop. With a future purchase, choose normal in that option. The sleeve wrinkles are due more to incorrect pitch than them being too full. The wrinkling occurs horizontally. Slimming the sleeve occurs vertically. The wrinkles will still be there.What else you can do is have a...
Replying from mobile Internet. My previous reply is embedded in the quotation somehow
Jacket is too short and because of that the button stance is quite high. The jacket is too tight across the chest and is so constricted that the front quarters are inverting using the buttoning point as a hinge. This is not acceptable for good fit. Also not really fixable in that jacket
Not by much and it is a pretty big job sometimes. If you can live with the sleeve width then leave it.
As you know, the back kicks out because of the back balance being a bit short. So, even if you take it in at the side seams or any other seam, it will still kick out....it'll just be tighter.The kick out is caused by tension starting at the top of the CB seam trying to travel over your blades with not enough total length. Despos' recommended fix of opening up the top, moving the back neckpoint etc is the best fix. Somehow, additional length has to find its way over your...
the guy on the right has shoulders that are more sloped which is what you're referring to. A tailor can have something like that made, but if your shoulders are more square than sloped it's not something you can or should do. What you can do is have a jacket made with little to no construction in the shoulder or perhaps a pagoda shoulder to create the illusion of slope for flattery but it's not an operation every tailor has the skill to accomplish.
sorry, but these are another unfortunate example of useless iphone photos that no tailor in his right mind can do anything with. How can you expect anyone in here to give realistic feedback on a jacket you yourself identify as being the wrong size while you're posing in front of a mirror taking a selfie??
For those of you with the forward hips/sway back....when a trouser recut is done reflecting pattern adjustments that I posted in the diagram above, you can expect a result like this when done correctly. Only downside is that it will pull almost all the walking stride out of the leg and if the leg is slim, you'll feel it at the knee a bit when walking/sitting.
New Posts  All Forums: