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Jacket skirt needs to be reduced most likely. If the trouser hip isn't excessively loose, it will not cause the skirt flare. If the jackets are single/center vented, this is pretty easy to do. Double vented is harder and more $
Try a little waist suppression at the side seams and either the left sleeve is caught on something for the picture or way too short. May need to lower the collar but it could be the lighting because from the side it looks ok. 
The DB blazer looks too wide and square in the shoulders. Taking it in the at the waist will only draw more attention to that.The rest of the suits just looks classic and dated to some but not too bad. Would try to go for the 38S. Watch the shoulder fit.
The suit doesn't fit to your posture. The front balance is too short causing puffed lapels and scissored fronts. The back balance is conversely too long. For the price of BL, consider quality MTM which can at least adjust to your more erect posture and backward pitching shoulders.
The shirt is too small by normal standards of fit. Sure, it looks "modern" but in reality it's too tight especially in the chest. A good meal will split the plackets open when you sit.As far as the jacket goes, your posture and shoulder slope & pitch will always be your enemy buying off the rack. Shoulder divots and excess fabric at the back of the garment are hard fixes. Being athletic with a prominent and narrow midsection will almost always equal precise tailoring or a...
It's a must that you be measured correctly for a custom suit. If you were measured by their sales people and it still came out that way, I say abandon ship. I'll echo a previous response from despos that your suit cannot be altered. It must be remade with correct measures.
The shoulders are falling because they're maybe a little too wide but more because there's not enough slope in them. Padding them out or having them recut to fix that esp on the right low.
Yes but you do need the actual fabric.
Did they remove the back pocket to do the repair?
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