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Have them insert a pad to see how that affects the wrinkles. Basically, the back part of the shoulder needs to be more sloped.If it's MTM...a little more slope, maybe a smaller point to point, less half back, higher armhole, consider the pitch of your shoulders and if the MTM house can adjust for that.
I wouldn't measure off the pants. Have someone measure your true waist and seat. You can keep the rise from these (outseam minus inseam) but they need to have less rise in the back, and be adjusted for flat seat and forward hips
Open the seam at the thigh? That could mean a variety of things...The rear fork could be released and that may help things. In general, you can do this slim fit if you have double darts over the back pockets, and extra rear fork quantity. it's for prominent seat. Less rise in the front will also help balance the trouser a bit.
The seat curve needs to be hollowed more or taken in at the lower portion of where it curves. That will take out the wedgie wrinkle. Also, the rear fork must be let out to give space to the seat and crotch.
The shoulders are not cut sloped enough for your shoulders. Have a tailor insert a pad while you're wearing the jacket and see the difference. That may also change the sleeve length a little if you decide to do that. The vents may not be wide enough over the seat. The pants need to be adjusted in the seat and back rise to help with the collapsing cloth.
Try darts in the shirt. Have the seller check the shoulder slope. Less rise in the back of the trouser. Seat curve needs to be more hollow on that pair.
Jacket skirt needs to be reduced most likely. If the trouser hip isn't excessively loose, it will not cause the skirt flare. If the jackets are single/center vented, this is pretty easy to do. Double vented is harder and more $
Try a little waist suppression at the side seams and either the left sleeve is caught on something for the picture or way too short. May need to lower the collar but it could be the lighting because from the side it looks ok. 
The DB blazer looks too wide and square in the shoulders. Taking it in the at the waist will only draw more attention to that.The rest of the suits just looks classic and dated to some but not too bad. Would try to go for the 38S. Watch the shoulder fit.
The suit doesn't fit to your posture. The front balance is too short causing puffed lapels and scissored fronts. The back balance is conversely too long. For the price of BL, consider quality MTM which can at least adjust to your more erect posture and backward pitching shoulders.
New Posts  All Forums: