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contrary to the poster before yours, the jacket is raising in the back as you can see because it's too short in the back balance for your posture and there is tension straight down the center seam and diagonally under the arms. That's probably the biggest flaw seen. The jacket may feel a little tight because of this.The fix is if there's enough outlet fabric available in the shoulder seams and under the collar to lengthen the back.Hard to say what you're experiencing with...
The pics I've left attached tell you the story. When the fronts of the jacket cross over or "scissor" from the button point downward and the chest is tight, it's mostly due to a short front balanceIn your case, the problem is only worsened by the prominent chest. Your other jackets have lapel darts to address the issue and that's done at the pattern stage. It cannot be altered once made. There's almost nothing that can save the jacket.The trousers are loose in the seat but...
This can be done much more successfully than if it had normal flapped pockets. Maybe a relatively expensive fix altogether but the end result if done correctly will be just fine
To some degree, this is accurate. If you have sloping shoulders And you're wearing a soft shoulder jacket, they may fall a little too much. There are limits to how sloped they can slope the shoulders before it becomes a matter of adding padding. My clients that have extreme shoulder slope get an extremely sloped jacket and at least a half inch of padding. Sometimes asking for that smaller halfback remedies the issue but this is not an easy thing to nail down with mtm much...
He may have let the stride out too much? Check the top of the inseam on the inside and look to see if it was altered there. If it looks like the inseam at the top has been let out in that there is no more fabric there to let it out, check the stitching to see if its been altered. When that area is being messed with, its not hard to accidently alter the run of the crotch if you're not careful.
No. In case you haven't noticed, the menswear industry is experiencing a nice little growth spurt and those of us who operate a tailoring business are, well, a little busy.We try to answer as fast as possible.
Have them insert a pad to see how that affects the wrinkles. Basically, the back part of the shoulder needs to be more sloped.If it's MTM...a little more slope, maybe a smaller point to point, less half back, higher armhole, consider the pitch of your shoulders and if the MTM house can adjust for that.
I wouldn't measure off the pants. Have someone measure your true waist and seat. You can keep the rise from these (outseam minus inseam) but they need to have less rise in the back, and be adjusted for flat seat and forward hips
Open the seam at the thigh? That could mean a variety of things...The rear fork could be released and that may help things. In general, you can do this slim fit if you have double darts over the back pockets, and extra rear fork quantity. it's for prominent seat. Less rise in the front will also help balance the trouser a bit.
The seat curve needs to be hollowed more or taken in at the lower portion of where it curves. That will take out the wedgie wrinkle. Also, the rear fork must be let out to give space to the seat and crotch.
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