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I am looking for #8 perf captoe Alden boots on the Trubalance last.  Do these exist?  The J Crew model comes closest, but the Barrie last does not work for me.
Maison Kitsune Blue Cable Knit Sweater - Large NWT 100% cotton Slim Large $550 MSRP   $160 shipped - firm
My Common Projects achilles took a dip in a puddle, and the toes on them goat soaked.  I tried to dry them out with shoe trees, but now the toes feel dry and look a bit wrinkled. What's the best way to condition/fix this?
Anyone know if Mr Porter accept returns for sale stuff?
Looking to buy new or lightly used CP Achilles in size 45.  Preferably in white.  Open to trades - see my other listings.
Price is OBO and open to trades as well.  Would prefer a trade actually.
NWT Epaulet Walt - Navy Irish Linen - Size 34   Open to trades for other Epaulet walts in 34   Measurements here:   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-navy-irish-linen   $130 shipped
NWB Common Project Projects Derby Shine in Oxblood/burgundy Size 45 IT   A bit too big for me.   $300 shipped
Yes.  Deal of the century.
NWB OSB Trench Boot   Bought these nearly a year ago but I've never worn them. Still have the box.   $420 shipped. PayPal only.  I have 100% positive feedback on eBay (username ddzz2).   Open to trades as well. Would be interested in Aldens - 10.5 D Barrie or Trubalance
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