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*waits patiently for Illuminatti to have a field day with VictorSF's outfits* 
These shoes are a little long in the tooth...(?)
No.  "Made for Saks" is just a way for Saks to get its name in the garment.  I have a solid navy Canali suit that says "Canali for Mitchells of Westport" ( on the inside of the coat and the suit is a Canali in every possible way - it just also says Mitchells.  I think you can be confident that the suit is a standard Zegna make.
Wait, so instead of a crappily-made suit with Zegna cloth, this is a Zegna suit with crappily made cloth?     I am totally confused.   If you post the label, you'll have an answer in a jiffy.
Part of the benefit of living in a place with cold winters is the ability to play around with cloths like this.  Despite the rich beauty of the cloth, for some reason, this cloth looks "scratchy" - is that the case?  Or is it actually quite soft?
This is quite nice.  It's basically Lino minus the Technicolor dream coat(s) motif.
Standing O.
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