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Then you wouldn't really be making too much! But if that's ok with you, I cant really disagree!   Most know I am anti-watch bug! In my humble opinion; a fella only needs a few watches! I wouldn't be sitting on 17 like I was, thinking I'm gonna cash in big in 10 yrs. (2-long)! You may be kicked off the planet by that time! Then you gonna leave your wife or your kids "watches," why? It would make more since to keep a few and dump the rest, take the cash and put it into a...
2nd that, they are mostly china made hype and they aren't worth much on the 2nd market better to go with Sunnto, better quality period! 
Stainless Steel; If I bought @ 5K 10yrs, your saying I'll get 10k or more? Your not talking with a collector here, that I would have to see with my own eyes! Maybe your talking vintage/pre-owned, ok, maybe! Have you been following market trends and such? Do you believe income has risen  enough to support someone justifying a 5K watch? And last what is an acceptable profit margin for you gents? 1 buck over what you paid, 30%, or if your like me 300%, now that's real profit...
You know... if we are talking watches at the 5k, I'm not too sure ss mechanicals are worth buying at that price point!  I know we cant do anything about such prices, but if you ever have to sell your 5k watch do you think you would get your 5k back, lets say 10yrs down the road? I would argue, probably not, even if its a Rolex!   Rolex was my first true luxury watch purchase (1997), I bought it because that was the so called big watch that the affluent owned! I did not...
Is that a new model?
That Movado would be cool if it where a little smaller in diameter!
Nope, "buy what you want," I suspect they're patents have expired and that's why you see so many similar watches! That's why they, have R&D! Got to keep it fresh!
Now its understood
I have thought this, but couldn't put it as nice, thank you! 
Wish I had 1000,00 to throw away! Unique, probably not much sense in wearing it though, more for a museum
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