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Those Iris boots are really beautiful. Does anybody on here have any Tricker's in cordovan that have been really well used? I'd just like to know how well they are likely to age, as I understand their cordovan isn't Horween sourced, and for me the Horween stuff is a known quantity, but the Comipel skin is not.
Sorry for the delay, I don't log on very often.   Oddly enough, Yes, they're still available, they are still sitting in the cupboard, unworn. PM me if you'd like to take it further.
Thanks! There's not much interest in these, possibly as I've just seen Borgiolis selling on Yoox at huge discount prices. Maybe I should just wear them!    All the best.
Another vote for Herring Shoes, can't say a bad word about my experiences with them.
I just thought I'd add a reply, as there's potential for confusion with the usage of the 'Commando Sole' term, for some of the people who've been on here asking questions recently.   When there's talk of 'Commando' soles, it's referring to a sole pattern, that on English-made shoes used to always be branded with the words 'Commando Style by Itshide' (or something very similar). I can remember a beautiful old pair of English-made Goldtop M-C boots, from years ago that had...
Tumbler, I just re-read your posts, and wanted to chip again very quickly. Where you wrote,   "...hiding the label of origin (which was certainly not done by mistake),..." etc.   I think you succinctly summed it up -better I had managed with all of my pages of words!   ​If…    if you can pick up an English-made Bedale, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Mine looks good over office wear, and looks great with jeans at the weekend. I've stood in the rain watching the...
I've been keeping an eye on this thread, for a response to Michaels question. I'd also like to know if anybody's had their shoes re-soled by Walkover?   Having lived with my basic suede bucks for a while, I can update -for anybody lurking and considering a pair.   When I first bought them, they arrived with a few bits of excess glue here and there, stuck to the suede uppers, like on the quarters by the lace holes. Picking off the glue residue was possible. Being...
I bought these boots at the Crockett & Jones factory shop whilst in the UK. I loved the style of the Northcote boot (and all of their footwear on the 348 last) so I rushed into buying these size Black 11UK boots.   I normally wear a 10 to a 10.5UK, and therefore I am an Idiot. I was probably working on the theory that they would be great with thick socks, or some equally foolish way of brainwashing myself.   Bottom line is that I wore them for a couple of days (making...
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