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MB5718 belt from Alden, in their No.8 shell cordovan. it is size 36/90 (36 inches or 90 cm) with the nickel buckle.   It is brand new, in the box, sealed in the plastic bag as sent from the Alden factory. It was an unwanted gift that has been sitting in the drawer and must go. From what I understand, these belts are rarely immediately available, but this one is ready to ship anywhere, free postage in the US. Postage to any where else will be charged at cost.   Included...
I wouldn't worry too much about that stain. I've got some Sanders Cheltenhams and on the very first day I wore them my youngest dropped a sugary, fried German cake-thing on one, leaving a greasy stain. Water didn't remove it, and no shoe care product made any real difference. But with time, it went away on its own.   That was about 5 years ago, and since then those boots have become travel boots and have lived a really hard life. Once after filling a vehicle with...
Thanks for that info. Shame, but I'm sure the decision was made with good reason, I have faith in Trickers.
Hi Jeremy, I'd be interested to know what you find out. From memory there's a place in Argentina (I think) who do Cordovan in colours too, I'm hoping for that over Horween, as while I know the Horween skins are gorgeous, it'd be nice if Trickers stayed with a supplier that offers other colours.
I'm surprised, as I'd not heard about that change. I remember reading that Trickers had made a decision to avoid Horween when sourcing their shell, although that was some years ago obviously. I wonder what provoked this re-think?   The selection of colours in shell was one of Trickers great selling points. So I guess that's the end of interesting one-offs in Cipresso, Navy, Teak etc. What a shame.   If I'd known that change was coming then I'd have ordered a Cipresso...
Any idea who they're changing to, to get their shell cordovan? There isn't much choice out there in terms of suppliers.
Umm, don't know about Belstaffs being vastly superior. I've got both varieties and the Belstaffs seem to be less heavily waxed than the Barbours (when brand new) but they have a slightly heavier, coarser base cloth. I like them both, they're different but not dramatically, and neither stands out as better, at least in my experience.
Really handsome boots.   I have a similar pair and also rate them as better than Stows, which isn't knocking the Stow boots as I love them too. But Allan (and Eaton) boots are something else, and you don't see many knocking around either.
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