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Hello all,   I have a few questions regarding the RLPL suit I found. I am currently on my vacation in Japan and decided to do some thrift shopping. I came across this RLPL Suit, perfect condition, and fit me like a glove. Most importantly, it is a size 34S (44C EU). It is my first time in my life to find something in a size 34S... 34R is difficult, but 34S... I have to admit that it was impossible... until I found this of course. Though, I had to decide whether to get...
+1. They do make 44eu size. I own about 5-6 TF in size 44... but I'm not sure if it depends on the location. I usually shop in Japan, and our build are presumably smaller than the English or American. I say you may have to try the Tom Ford in Italy for that size in Europe.
The problem is that I have fairly small waist... 28 inches approx. Would the pleats suit for such small waist?
@rob linen.... 
Questions in the title. Thanks! *these pants...            
What line is that? (Polo, BL, PL, etc.??) or is it just Ralph Lauren?   How is the quality comparing to AE belts?
Well, what is your opinion about wearing this with suit? I think the shirt is too dark colorwise
What is T&A? Tiger and Aladdin?   I think Brooks Brothers have the great quality shirt. Probably better than the one you are referring to.   One more thing, who in here wear stripe shirt like this with suit anymore? It looks like a clown to me...
Jcrew is probably the best option here. The price is right on track.
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