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Unfortunately I cannot. Is there any link that may enlighten me on this subject?
This question comes to my mind not so long ago when I was asked to differentiate the quality of a few suits. The problem was that I was unable to answer whether which suits were better quality than the others. The only thing I know about the quality suit is the full-canvassing and the feeling of the fabric. I can hardly point out the little details such as those handmade perks. So the question is that how can you differentiate the quality of a suit? Let's say that if you...
Dark-ish tone...   *Trousers are charcoal   The whole outfit is TF.   
 IMO I think the color of the shirt and the jacket are too matchy, creating a weird color contrast to the first half of the body.
      Had a chance to don them yesterday. Sorry about the lighting on the first pic.   RLPL Charvet TF Tie & PS JL
The suit I bought was from the 2011. I believe Caruso was making the RLPL suit at that time as well.   Anyone has pictures of the inner tags of both the Caruso and Saint Andrews?
What's the difference between Caruso's and Saint Andrews'? 
Hello all,   I have a few questions regarding the RLPL suit I found. I am currently on my vacation in Japan and decided to do some thrift shopping. I came across this RLPL Suit, perfect condition, and fit me like a glove. Most importantly, it is a size 34S (44C EU). It is my first time in my life to find something in a size 34S... 34R is difficult, but 34S... I have to admit that it was impossible... until I found this of course. Though, I had to decide whether to get...
+1. They do make 44eu size. I own about 5-6 TF in size 44... but I'm not sure if it depends on the location. I usually shop in Japan, and our build are presumably smaller than the English or American. I say you may have to try the Tom Ford in Italy for that size in Europe.
The problem is that I have fairly small waist... 28 inches approx. Would the pleats suit for such small waist?
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