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Spent Xmas Eve in police custody - too drunk to walk home !   Any other Xmas Eve mishaps out there ?
Yes. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't have followed a professional career for many years. I've recently transformed myself into a skinhead and have started immersing myself in the skinhead scene. I know this isn't a career option but living your life true to yourself is worth so much. If I had been a skinhead years ago I probably would have  enjoyed all that time in a blue collar job and been happy. Now I'm happy having the shit kicked out of me every Friday night...
Hi.   I'm not a nazi or a racist. Fights tend to be with other skinheads or punks - a good release of aggression with other like minded people who are up for it.
Hi. I suggest a change of image and attitude.   Become a skinhead, get all the gear - boots,braces and combats will do - walk the streets and see what happens. You may meet a whole lot of different people and see where that takes you.   Good luck.   Rick - freshcut skinhead in the UK.
Hi. Recognise the situation you find yourself in. I was a successful banker working in London and New York and had succeeded financially but there was always something missing.I think I needed an identity that really suited me and I've found that by becoming a skinhead. I know that sounds weird but I can now throw off my inhibitions and get pissed out of my head with other like minded people.The image attracts similar people and I now have a busy social life, but...
Hi. Know what you mean. You see some fuckin thing advertised and then just get fucked about. Time to get the boots and braces on and kick some ass.
Having recently converted to the skinhead cause I'm keen to express this by way of visible symbols. I've had 'Skinhead' tattooed on the back of my head above a spreadeagle, but I can't decide on something for the face. Any suggestions welcomed.
Hi Claghorn,   Thanks for reply   Like ties as well, but not with the skinhead gear !   Tend to wear open neck shirts or a loose tie at work.   Rick.
Hi, I'm Rick.   I am a white collar worker in the UK and have recently started to get involved with everything Skinhead.   Dress code at work isn't exactly boots, jeans and braces, so any suggestions on workplace skinhead wear ?   Anyone with experience of dealing with a no visible tattoo policy - advice appreciated.
Hi.   I'm Rick and I live and work in Wales, UK.   I've decided to be true to my inner self and present myself as a full-on Skinhead from now on.   I'm now a freshcut and comfortable with the usual Skinhead gear - Boots,skinny jeans, braces and flying jacket.   I'm a white collar worker and for the time being will try to marry up my new style with work requirements.   Anybody got some ideas about smart Skinhead wear for the 21st Century.
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