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Just for the record I've never inherited a penny off anyone. I've got what I've got through my own work over the years and have got through without owing money to anyone and never paying interest for anything - that way you get to keep what you earn instead of working a lifetime to repay the fuckin banks and ending up with nothing. Time's now my own and I can do my own thing which absolutely does not include violating other unconsenting people !
Don't need any support thanks. Got more than enough to see me through, and I give a percentage to charity. Don't judge a book by it's cover !
If you have a tattoo with the text " fuck off" at least you don't have to keep saying it !
Covering up a tattoo is sort of missing the point.
The Gaffer in the Crew calls the shots - it's my place as a freshcut to earn some fuckin respect.
One pint of beer and you may lose your licence. I'll probably get hammered New Year's Eve and end up back inside. Either way the system fucks you up !
Sounds like you speak from experience !
Yeah ! Fellow skinheads I get off my head with don't give a shit. So what the fuck is there to worry about ?
It may be details but one more strike and Swansea Prison here I come.Current mates think it's cool so what the heck.
Should I get banged up to get some professional cred ?
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