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Pmed you David
  Well, some are legitimate while some exaggerated.    Like I said, I've ordered 6 pairs from Meermin, and only this pair had this issue. Naturally, it occurred to me that this is not normal and I seeked to clarify this. As I said, scratches/uneven stitching, etc does not bother me. It is the durability and comfort that I was concerned with.
Thanks. I'm not paranoid about the QC from Meermin and do find them a great value for money. I've got 6 pairs so far. Some have uneven stitching, or uneven tongues, etc and I'm fine with that.   I'm just concerned about the durability and comfort. I checked my other 5 pairs of Meermins and the heel and upper sole were even, except for this pair. Hence, my concern.    I thought about topying/vibraming the upper sole to thicken it, making it even. But this pair...
Received my double monks from Meermin and was disappointed.   The heel is uneven with the upper sole, which makes the shoes uncomfortable to walk with. When stand leaning on the upper sole, only the top portion of the heel touches the ground. When I lean towards the back, the upper sole is a full half inch above the ground!   This has caused me several slips on pavements, as the soles does not completely grip the ground when I...
I'm sure Pepe would try his best to fix this for you. My Museum MTO has splitting soles again! It seems that I'm the only one have problems with this split soles issues. The welt area was coming loose and I could see the white threads stitching binding the leather and soles together. I took a picture and sent it to Pepe. He was quick to reply and told me that it doesn't look right and wanted me to send the shoes back for him to take a look. He offered to have it...
This was what PePe replied me: I am glad to hear that you are pleased with the final result of the Museum MTO. There is not a problem to use Renovateur on the shoes, you won't strip the finishing. It will be a great conditioner to use to care for your shoes. If you want to polish them up, I think that the better option to keep the hues of the leather will be to use neutral polish, to not 'cover' it with the polish wax. I hope you'll enjoy wearing them!
I'm from Asia and they delivered mine with UPS.
Just got news my Museum MTO has arrived!! Can't wait to unbox it after work 
Thanks. My goal is to condition the leather so that it would crease well over the years. I usually apply renovator (twice a year), shoe cream (twice a month), and occasionally wax the toe and heel. For the museum calf, I plan to skip the shoe cream as it'll ruin the color texture. Just unsure if I should apply the renovator or mink oil.
Guys, for the museum calf group MTO, will it be alright to use the Saphir renovator? Will it strip the finishing? Once I receive my pair, I'm planning to use the renovator on the whole shoe, and a neutral shoe polish on the toe cap. Is this ok?
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