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What waist size are these? Not sure if you meant 30" waist by "30/31" or if you were implying they have been hemmed to somewhere in between a 30 and 31.
Do you still have this by chance?
I'm not sure if this link is going to work, but let's try it: Rawr Denim has put together an awesomely extensive list of current raw denim sales for both North America and Europe. Go check it out, lots of Naked & Famous denim in there for some nice prices
My feet are wider than average I would say.
Right, I assumed I would be fine with a size 13 but I found a real good deal on a size 14: no option to get a size 13 for the same deal. So I'm just wondering if I'd be able make a size 14 work or if it's just too much.
Quick sizing question for you guys. If I wear a size 13 in Roshes, could I wear a size 14 in the Flyknit RACERS? Found a good deal on some size 14 multicolor racers but I'm worried they'll be too big. Would I be able to make a size 14 work? Would I maybe just need to put an extra insole in or something? Thanks in advance guys.
Well, I'm not entirely sure of what you can do. I don't have any experience with the smaller sized NF denim so someone may come along and tell you that it'd be fine to go with a 28. The only real piece of advice I can honestly think of is buy them and if they stretch out to be too big or if they're already too big when you receive them, just try to get them tailored and taken in. Taking them in that small of an amount shouldn't be an issue for any tailor. Of course, that's...
Okay my bad I wasn't thinking about the fact that styleforum would block karma loop. Just head on over to karma loop and go to brands and select Naked & Famous.
Forgive me if anyone has already posted this as I'm just looking out for you guys: ********* has a handful of NF denim and buttondowns on sale (http://www.*********.com/browse.htm#!VendorId=3721&Pgroup=1), plus they are all promocode-friendly to my knowledge so you could get 10% or 20% off even the sale items for the time being.
Here's some Rainbow Core for ya; NF posted these on Facebook a week or two ago. As for the Okyama Spirits: I was under the impression a lot of people really liked them and have faded them well, but I do see them for sale fairly often for whatever reason. I like them personally, but of course that's up to you.
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