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I've been trying the technique using a spray bottle to dampen them and then just wearing them around trying to stretch them, it doesn't seem to be working too well though. Should the denim just be damp or should they be significantly wet? I pretty much can't feel the water in the inside of the denim so I guess it isn't soaking all the way through so that could be a problem I suppose? I'll keep trying it for now.
Alright so since the colder weather has been rolling in I've been attempting to break in my WG Elephant 3's for the past 2 months or so, however this pair of denim seems to have a little bit more stretch in them than various other NF Weird Guys. And by stretch I mean the fabric has some more give in them, allowing them to better retain their original size rather than stretching out a bit after wear. This is a bit of a problem for me as I have fairly big thighs and I stuck...
It's 019393, for weird guy at least. Not sure if they're different for skinny guy as I only have them in WG.
I posted pictures back on page 815, they aren't great fit pictures, I was just looking for some advice on how much to hem them. Feel free to go back and check them out. And I felt that they didn't necessarily run larger than usual, but had a more comfortable give or stretch to the fabric. My usual NF size is 34 in Weird Guy, and I got those which fit perfect already, so they felt like they would stretch and be much too big, so I sized down to a 33 and it'll work perfect...
Currently breaking in my Elephant 3's; they're a little tight in some areas at the moment but after a few more wears they'll be fine. Anyways, I'm looking for advice on how much I should hem them. I'm only 5'10", not that tall really, so I definitely think I need to hem a little bit. Let me know how much you guys think I should chop off, please. ***I wear high top, mid top, and low top sneakers and boots, in case that matters at all. And I cuff different lengths for...
Oh, I also have another question about these.. The page says I can expect them to fit a full size large, but I feel it would be a good idea to ask another person who owns them. If I'm a true 12.5 would an 11.5 be okay, since that's the biggest they have in stock anyway?
Awesome, I appreciate it!
Can anyone link me to a place I can find the cheapest pair of Vibram Sole Trail Oxford's?  I'd prefer the Natural Chromexcel, if that matters. And if not that, either the dark brown or navy. I think I read earlier in this thread someone got them down to 150? That'd be real nice... If there's a coupon code somewhere for a certain store lying around, I'd appreciate it if someone let me know what it is. Thanks guys. 300 is more than I have to spare right...
Does anyone have a fit picture(s) or can anyone link me to a fit picture(s) of these paired with some denim and also a picture with shorts as well. I can't try them on to see the look and I can't find any fit pictures so far. Link - http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/thorogood-for-epaulet-horsehide-no-542-work-oxford  
Any idea how these fit? Biggest they have in stock is an 11.5 and my true size is 12.5, but I don't know the brand and so maybe they fit a size big, or perhaps a size small.. hopefully not.  Edit: Nevermind, I guess I should learn how to read further down the page where it says they should fit a full size larger... My apologies.
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