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I'm all about that new Chelsea shape. Let's pick a cool leather like kudu, bison or chamois and roll
Not greatest shot but these had one of the tougher breakins but getting so comfortable now
That's so effing freaky. Would have given me major chills
SS Plain Jacket via @NAMOR    not sure of the name, but also a fan of this
see my request... ;) I asked for the Plain Jacket
mainly underwear  I know I lean towards the more casual side...but I do feel like since not continuing with Esemplare there is a bit of a gap on the high quality casual sweatshirts and cotton sweaters you had. I love IM but that weight doesn't work for me everyday. Perhaps Merz, Niche or TS(S) has something?
That raw selvedge...damn Holding one back for me, right???
I don't think its overly complicated...The logger sole is a $15 upcharge 
Wish I had backed that super heavy blue sky twill shirt. Looks real nice
@tifosi wear them??? Hahahahahaha Oh wait...were you being serious?
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