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+1Would love to know more about them. Great photos as well
Agreed!I have Bespoken PA abd Tifosi plotting against me
White abd whiskey
Yes. Although I think I am an 8.25D/E I feel like a tweener for sure...
I completely disagree with this. Right now in my 256 is a 15" MacBook Pro, iPad, Kindle, legal pad, Moleskin notebook, eyeglasses case, headphones, chargers, pencil case, pens, calculator and other various and as sundry items. I fail to see how that is merely a fashion statement not suitable for everyday business use
Those should age incredibly well...it's MTO week for Bl@ster!
Hard to say with 100% certainty. I am 8D Barrie and the 41 ultimately fit me a bit better than 41.5 on New Peter. The 41 is snug across the instep but the heel is way better. I expect them to open up after a few wears. I love the fit and finish of the VASS captoes I got, really psyched with them
Cue the Imperial Death March @Tifosi Google it!!
My guess is 12-15 pairs and owner chooses size like the last round. Given that these are being purchased prior to build there is no reason for them to allocate specific sizes. I really hope so at least...considering I can count at least 5 people in size 8 mulling this over...
I fit more in a 256 than a 257 as well due to the lack of compartments.
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