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ah, ok. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe they will get that great original grey suede color back for us (wishful thinking)
nice! crack that whip. Its prime Derby and boot season so hoping to have both pairs soon
@steveyoo1983 can you remind me when our grey suede Chelsea's are due? I can't remember the timing. thanks!
Thank you. I am really, really pleased with them as well. The P2 is more comfortable every time I wear it. 
@LA Guy I am assuming with the new round opened up that the prior makeups are getting close. to you have any updated info not he Kudu boot or the natural CXL Derby?
one of the best rants of all time
Thats the spirit!!
ah, gotcha. Makes sense. Good luck! I am quite excited for a kudu tanker as my only one is the choco suede from LS
trying to keep quiet so others ignore it and move on...I will be kopping instantly
did you see the recent picture Mike posted in the EP thread? I think you will like it...
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