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Not sure they have enough shell for that. My understanding was that last batch pretty much cleared them out. But I could be mistaken
All of them!!! Lol
Our grey kudu roughout boot due soon is on 2030
I would suggest trying to get them chain stitched when you are ready to hem them. You could send them to Railcar in your state. They do very good work. Whoever you use thigh tell them to save whatever they cut off So you have pieces for repairs.
Poor MDubs seems to catch a lot of denim flac...
That would indeed be quite nice.
I am a fan of mole suede. I like that LS makeup.
I like the 202. I am looking forward to seeing my Galway on it
I taper all my Rivets from the knee down
Sorry for the poor pic...I think DV or MDubs was asking the other day about shoe storage. I had "shoe cubbies" designed into my closet. Each set holds about 10 pairs and I have 4 spread out through the closet. The shelves are adjustable to allow for varying boot shaft heights.
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