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its a real goldielocks with @tifosi shoes today...half size too big...half size too small...   y'all need to man up! either squeeze your foot in or get an insole and a thicker sock...geez
I am parting with a barely worn pair of Alden Ravello chukkas in size 8D. These have been worn no more than 10 times and likely closer to 5.  As we know these are near impossible to get and some wait 2+ years for them. They are in perfect condition and a lovely caramel shade of Ravello. 
@mdubs how you like dem bananas???
Kudu ranger moc is what is calling me
  this 100%. I want to kop the blue striped oxford and if the dimensions of the 16.5/42 were online I likely would. But honestly I feel bad emailing you about specs for $100 shirt when I know ow busy you guys are...
the good ole days of dark oak, LOL
yes, agreed. I just need G&G to provide them an answer on something so that I can get rolling...
we need to break the benchmark of 120 sent by the Bonafe MTO's!!
I sense this is going  to be a very expensive end of February for me....
went with @in stitches 
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