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Snuff is tough
Mistakes occur in every facet and industry of manufacturing. It's how these issues are dealt with that set the great companies apart. I would suggest we see the resolution before jumping to any mass conclusions
Thanks! Mahogany. Pics are more "red" than real life. A rich brown in person
Yet another awesome transaction!! Thanks to the whole team at an amazing shop
Awesome! So glad I contributed and that you are pleased with them. They are like adult slippers
You rang?? I might be in. I have been wanting this makeup but in a Chukkas. Love the dark surge and light edge trim http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-double-monk
sounds like an awesome haul!! look forward to seeing them roll in at some point this week 
  pretty sure we are getting a glimpse into why Stitchy recently said he and his wife talked about slowing down on purchases 
freaking awesome, Roger! really love those. Great pickup 
Alden Madison...call and ask for RalphJK
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