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Perfect Gitman fabric for today
I'm surprised to hear this. My understanding is that the brand owned by one of the other siblings had taking a majority of the business. I'm glad to hear this is not the case as I am a big fan of Carmina's makeups abd lasts
Have you ever met Mike? He only walks in a military march, bringing his knee fully up to his chest with each step. It takes some getting used to but I respect his dedication
BOOM! payment made. CAN NOT WAIT
siiiiiiiick!! so ready to for some unfinished horsehides, overshirts and can't wait to see the Chelsea offerings 
VI in SS, L in IM = what size in bison?
I'm exhausted reading that, let alone partaking in any of it
Construction looks incredible! How's the itch factor for us sensitive flowers
How many does that make??
@LA Guy @Murlsquirl can we put an end to this dumb shit and clean up the last page or two? TIA
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