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Wider lapel might push me over the edge. Was planing to abstain but I have a feel some killer fabrics are going to make an appearance
It's New Orleans, right? It cant be THAT conservative a setting
@gdl203 @conceptual 4est any fit pics of the Board shawl collar jacket? Seems like a great piece that is being slept on 
personally not a bal boot guy for the exact reason. Other pull it off extremely well but I would struggle 
just backed that vintage ecru rust plaid shirt. Looking to see how the quality has improved over the last year or so. Cool looking fabric 
we have really brought @mdubs to the dark side! I keep waiting to see that shirt untucked and my work here will be complete 
@Leaves what suede colors from G&G are available? Looks like some initial interest in a Glencoe
Waited too long on Geller Emile. Probably for the best as I have so much outerwear, but still stings a little
MTO GalwayLoden green suede with contrast white stitching64 lastDainite sole
New Posts  All Forums: