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@Leaves finally broke these out yesterday. Love them. Thanks for everything!! With EG off the horizon what do you think about a suede Glencoe GMTO?
No. Old sizing was more realistic. New one is waaaay slimmer
Can you request their older sizing? That way I don't need like a XXXL
Search function....20 pages on sizing alone
I don't agree with this. I tend to find boots tighter in the vamp than shoes in the same size. Some even go out a width to account for this volume difference
new prices I think ;)
Took way too long to take these out. @Skoaktiebolaget thanks as always! MTO Loden suede Galway with white contrast stitching on 64 last
Finally somebody is listening to me What size did you go with?
very cool, thanks.  I would love to take advantage of this next time I am down as I love their quality but can't find my right size
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