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but...hot damn that camel with the contrasting trim 
Glad to hear this! I feel like a bit of a lone island torch bearer for the basketweave. My sleeves on my Clover have really wet my whistle for what a full blown makeup could look like 
or you could get her to run it and then get your spot given to someone else on the "waitlist" 
I am in but trying to decide exactly what...top contenders currently: Thinner in basketweaveThinner in camelConservation in grey/blue twill
Correct. Galway on 64 last in Loden suede
Oh....I thought that was the Oil coat. my bad. thanks!
what is the purpose of the internal strap? Is it to be used lie a belt to cinch the waistline?
I would instakop if I didn't have these 
NMWA is so offering both the thinner and conservation in camel. I find both preorders complimentary to one another as opposed to stacking the same stuff
New Posts  All Forums: