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Shirt looks great Mike. Definitely more contemporary than I was expecting. I'd likely go double chest pockets abd drop the epaulets, but that's just s personal choice. Fabric looks great too
Ive had a tough time getting the right fit in the button downs, but giving the denim polo a shot. Really hoping it works out as they look great and I would get a ton of use to of them 
Derby would be nice. i think bordeaux is the choice for me 
Fuck yeah! That's boss
I feel you. Just did the same but added a 0
Back to Cali...seems like that should be a song or something Congrats brother and best wishes. East coast will miss you guys
Tunic in mussel is my leading candidate currently
Keep in mind Leffot only offers orders once the production confirmation comes from Alden. This the shorter wait. I imagine they have had the order in for a few years...
@gdl203 What color is the tunic that is in the link? Is that Hawthorne?
New Posts  All Forums: