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Wow I didn't realize that. Part of the reason I do the pre-order is the ability to order the short as tailoring is more cost abd time. That is really too bad
only pair I have an issue with is the natty CXL derby we did on SF a few years ago. I have worn them 20+ times and the right shoes still rips my ankle open every time. I can't figure out why the leather hasn't loosened up at all
not super exciting I know, but damn that brown hat looks killer
the oatmeal donegal, grey houndstooth and that would make a nice trio...
that navy technical grosgrain FJ is going to be so difficult to resist. I just have SO much outerwear....
that will make a fantastic piece. Anyone on the fence should jump on it; one of my most worn pieces of warm weather gear
the brown reminds me a bit of the grey houndstooth from S/S a year or two back that I ordered. its a fantastic jacket that I get a ton of use out of 
Triple seersucker shorts are sick
@Epaulet totally agree. I'm back and forth between teak trim and ecru sole and stingray trim and grey sole
White trainer and shell or stingray accents...hell yeah!!
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