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This boot will be priced quite closely to the Alden cigar captoe boot, no? Seems like a pretty similar makeup.
These were ordered as one of the SF Viberg makeups. We ordered them a few months ago
It's a private campaign for duffle owners and not open to the public so less people likely know about it. I wish I could have my choice of color for the Dopp kit. Like I have a green duffle so may prefer a navy waxed Dopp kit for a bit of contrast rather than completely matched
That chestnut Dublin is pretty nice looking
Thanks for the sizing help guys
I dig those Drakes hats. Are they tight to the top of the head like a skull cap, or is there a bit of extra space?
I am out right now either way. I got too much going on
You wear any denim that bleeds? This could be pretty streaked with blue. Even my tan 256 has denim transfer
I did these. How do you guys size the Hiro?I am 7.5UK Carmina Rain8D Alden Barrie
I still like an Almond CC Nevis
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