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$1 higher than @tifosi ;)
I agree as well. Was the first pair that I gravitated to immediately 
yes. I saw the llama can't be used in conjunction with norgevese 
sorry. Im in.  Got side tracked selling my house so I could afford them :)
@laufer already knows my answer ;)
There is way too much bunching. Yes, it's outerwear but I fail to see how a properly fitting sleeve would make it look more "polished". Difference between relaxed and sloppy IMO
Hope the whole NMWA crew is safe and sound. Looks like NYC got a pretty decent accumulation
Love how they turned out. Does that mean you will start wearing them now?
I am between sizes. I size up and the. Hit in the dryer and the size is perfect. I would say it doesn't go down a size but probably between 1/2 & 3/4
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