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@RTP, I have been trying to find the Swims Monters. Nice find. They seem great for boot protection during inclement days
What the hell else are you Canadians supposed to do on this American holiday???
Me neither.... March feels so far away
I really started a sh$t show with this proposal...
Very cool! Keep us posted on what they have and try and snap some pics.
I have been asking Leffot for 2+ years to do a 986 with antique. A few months ago they were going to offer it and then that Dover sold so quickly they allocated their shell allotment to more of them. I was bummed
BRAVO! The whole ensemble works perfectly to me
EG Dover, 2 MTO Galways, a Carmina Chelsea and these??? That feels like a lot for one week...but I do really like them...hhhmm
Loved that grain longwing!! Might have to grab those
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