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Rendezvous is good however Uncle Lou's is amazing! It's fried chicken but their chicken is better than Rendezvous BBQ
TSA PRE is a must. My latest travel slip-ons
How much stretch does the Stark have? I felt like the L fit better than the XL but was slightly snug across the chest. Can I expect it to relax and conform?
Impressive. 80k for me. Typically jeans or rivets and a pair of Chelsea boots
I agree. I was only just saying that for me I draw the line at flying. But will differ for everyone. That other poster just like to argue the opposite point from me in every thread. I should not have engaged
Very cool, FC! Look forward to seeing how those turn out
These are so freaking rad in person! Thanks Jay!!!
Just don't fly in them. Unacceptable
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