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This is one of the best stories I've heard in a minute. Thanks for the laugh
I did. More than enough Left Field talk in an EP thread IMO
@Epaulet Yes, believe USPS. I seem to have awful luck with them. Shows label created yesterday but still no movement. Plus they turn NYC > Boston into a 3 day affair. No worries though, I'm sure by middle of next week they'll be here abd I'm sure I have a pair or two of footwear to tide me over till then
so hoping my chelsea arrives before the weekend... race is on
sorry for the slight derail...   I had an awful customer service experience with Left Field. I was looking for a pair of pants a few years back and gave them a call. They suggested I order two pairs to dial in sizing. I then went to return the pair that didn't fit and they told me I purchased them at a sale price and they could not be returned! This was despite them recommending me to do so, and also the product items not showing that the price was a sale price. There...
F$ck Left Field. Those guys are the worst Full Count jeans are great and Blue in Green has a big selection and posts accurate measurements. Its where Mike grabbed his pair from 
do you get the newsletter? an email went out with a link to pay your balance. 
ready to see some monster chelsea pallet pics rolling in!
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