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If I only knew...ordered early feb
Those look great but also make me realize they aren't for me
they make a great consolation prize for you 
#teamskoak Time to get fitted for St.C's. I can get a customized last MTO for less than a stock EG. That seems like a no brainer to me
That last pic is killer. Amazing how different each looks from the other
If you have young kids or are ever wanting to spend less than 10 minutes getting boots on and off I don't understand how you can't like pull tabs
providing this update is a big win IMO. I hate having to inquire and this puts me at ease and gives me a general sense of where things are at. 
the easiest way to show frustration with these changes is with lack of purchases...plenty of other companies that seem more consumer friendly to support. 
Very nice Looks like you cleaned the playroom as well
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