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Patrik, THANK YOU so much for both your and Gabriel's assistance! Ordered placed this morning for 2 Galways! I am quite excited
Yeah. Just not 100% 7.5UK will work for me. I take 7.5 on Trickers 4497 (kinda big) and Carmina Rain. I could be 7.5 or 8
I think these are more your cup of tea
Wow. That's my size...hhhmmm
In this case I think it is clearly you. Hell, you don't even own any Vibergs so clearly you are trolling 
well was 8.5 available? and was it a ravello captoe? and what color was the edge trim? feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to discuss. thanks!!
How about a Proxy? Size 8.5 if Plaza lasted
Bump for a SICK boot! I own these and they are on of my favorites in my collection.
Priorities, come on! Yes, that sounds perfect, Your treat, right?
New Posts  All Forums: