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Really hoping our black shell boots come in during this upcoming boot season
damn those SS Conservation coats are good looking
damn...wish I knew you were stocking those as I would have rather grabbed them from you. Maybe I need an additional color :)
Rob, Shirts look killer! Stoked you will be up for American Fields, let's get together for sure. Quick note...at least on mobile I can't find any measurements of the workshirts. Thought you may want to drop them into the product pages or something
Can say that about a lot of things. But quality and cut will still stand out
@Epaulet continuing on with Reining Champ? I've really dug your buys
LOVE them
nice. I'm thinking about that sunwashed as well
The grey is super nice in person and given that its garment dyed I think will fade and lighten over time. That being said I kinda want the magenta in addition to my grey...lol
  this is pretty accurate to mine and very close to the color corrected that Kyle posted   I am smitten as well and cannot wait for the weather to break a bit
New Posts  All Forums: