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@Leaves    Can I make a possible website recommendation? Currently when you sell through a model it is removed from the site, correct? It was be great it they could somehow be achieved into a past makeups section. My assumption is that given the high resolution images you use that this is done in an attempt to keep server size manageable. However, while trying to finalize my Bonafe MTO I keep looking for some older makeups you have done to reference last, colors, etc. I...
My two pairs have not been scanned since 3am yesterday. I know we have a storm but I'm getting nervous. They were 3 hours away at 3am yesterday so no idea why they didn't scan into my depot yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings...
Nice FC!! Will be awesome A buddy of mine is looking at the ranger moc version on the site
That boot will be an absolute stunner!
Brek, great looking shoe! The eyelets look like they are right on top of each other though. Is the fit good?
I think that natural welts abd even reverse/split/storm welts tend to be more casual. The trend seems to be more casual across menswear as a whole and I would say this may be a small piece related to that trend. I personally just don't like dark edge trim unless on a dark leather. Even on some dark options I prefer the contrast of the lighter edge trim and does fit my wardrobe better
That makes sense. I rarely do
I think a sneaker, workboot or CXL dover would work slightly better than the Chelseas
DDD told me you are a shoe guy...I am so confused
oh, sorry. I meant this one   http://www.styleforum.net/t/338047/skoaktiebolaget-carmina-eg-gg-bonafe-official-affiliate-thread/765#post_6657734     I'll email Gabriel and stop clogging up the thread with my personal makeup. Apologies 
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