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FC, looking spot on man! Been telling you guys not to sleep on grey! Finally got a chance to pull the trigger myself a few minutes ago
Not Greg, but I'll play...Given the soft nature of that coat the measurements are deceiving. Despite looking big I went with my standard SS sizing. I wear a VI and based off your info I think a V would be perfect
Why? Carmina is a commodity game. NMWA prides themselves on unique offerings. Not selling a makeup for $10 less for the guy down the street. I see no good reason what would be gained by them being a stocklist
not to mention all the access to Bells
welcome and congrats on the great pickup!
Are you waiting on those to start the next round? Just curious if anything is brewing before the end of the year?
thinking about Lyle Lovat or Kale & Khaki cross-hatch...
beard game looking fierce in the EP clan 
I drank a Newbury Port Pale Ale at the 99 tonight. LolLove Dave's BTW really good people. Great account for us
Nope. I was wearing these today
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