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POW DB is killer. I think you would be ok as is given that you have a layer under in that pic
 that is exactly what I would have pre-ordered next round. Sick!
what suede color is that Glencoe?
definition of how to rock an SC casually right there
Yes, I did get the liner. It is a bit more snug but still buttonable without too much restriction. I envision wearing it more sans liner than liner so my preference is to be a bit snug with liner as opposed to too baggy without. I'll try and put th liner back in and snap a few more pics. I can't imagine the liner getting much use at all in FL though as its pretty damn toasty with that in! I cannot say enough about the construction and details of these NR pieces. I own...
Met, here is mine sans liner but a t shirt and flannel under. Sleeves are a little long but otherwise I'm happy with fit. Welcome any feedback though
I'd probably sub Eidos FJ for the fall selection but that's potato potathoVery interesting topic though and one we should revisit as 2-3 selections per season immediately come to mind
@gdl203 how are you sizing that blue herringbone overcoat?
you sure the jacket shrank and other things didn't expand?
Every pic that post on IG lately is straight 🔥🔥🔥Majorly stepped up their outerwear game for F/W
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