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I own the brown, olive and blue camo ripstop...guess I need to order the gunmetal 
Yeah, I love the look of it in that blue. However, for me personally I think it would be overlap with my Niche shirt jacket in that deadstock blue fabric from a few years ago. I think I would have to go with the slubby grey silk if I jump in Is that hood jacket being offered in the green of the photo? or strictly the large check pattern? Also, why were you guys hesitant to bring that style back?
Lots of strong pieces. Kyle, that integrity shirt jacket is a real winner on you. That collar up shot is my favorite look of the lot
hopefully the new chelsea design for the next round
feel like you could go a size down in the jacket next time 
so you can pass on more??  
@Epaulet any update on the "Ryden Boot" I think this went in around Feb. '15 so guessing we should start to hear something soon. TIA!
one of the nicest sneakers around 
64 for me, hands down. for both look and fit 
@conceptual 4est shoutout for the new size filtering, absolutely love it!!
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