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awesome!   This reminds me I never went to Drinkwaters last year and had my MTO shirts made....hhhmmmm
I'd but that over the knit jean personally. Maybe even in a cord fabric?
J Crew has an off white/wheat that's pretty close actually. Denim is not quite as good but not their worst
Greg, Will the Il Micio belts stretch at all? The L is shorter than my Farnese but with a bit of stretch is equal. I wouldn't want to go shorter so double checking. Thanks!
Nice to see the Chelsea firmly in the lead! But folks should keep voting. Want to keep that #1 spot in case a few fallout
I struggle with integrating sport coats casually but that pic is great. Really inspiring
That's cool. I was eyeing that piece but have the TS(S) one from a year or two back. No lining though...
Waited too long and code not working. Damn
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