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Triple seersucker shorts are sick
@Epaulet totally agree. I'm back and forth between teak trim and ecru sole and stingray trim and grey sole
White trainer and shell or stingray accents...hell yeah!!
for some reason bumfreezer wasn't showing for me, bit is now. Love that model! that may make it difficult for me to pass
ok, thanks. Probably best to sit it out, but incredible stuff!  Just a note that your posting says 4 styles for but 3 are shown 
@gdl203 no chance the current preorders come in before these close, right? Would love to have my size nailed down before potentially ordering again
Mike, have you heard anything regarding our black shell boot?
love that banded popover in the first pic
Thanks! Looks sick 44 should work for me
@StrangeJeremy That real McCoy deck jacket looks awesome. You guys have any measurements you can post up?
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