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Cromwell GlenPlaid might be my initial favorite...would make an awesome SC
Janus looks cool
Cool. I took my same size and went with the cord HJ. Can't wait!
@gdl203 do you recommend to take your FJ size in HJ? Or size down?
For sure. Those pics had me super excited for my wax canvas one due shortly
Amazing for sure. Here are my top few in no particular order:1. Hunting jacket in corduroy - this is phenomenal. I was the one who originally requested a cord version, and you didn't disappoint.2. Over coat in glenplaid - I love the relaxed vibe you showed it with the Niche shirt. But the silhouette and labels are so great. Feel like this is a piece you could grab and throw over almost anything.3. FJ in grey/blue wool ED303/920 - finished shots made up lighter than I...
Looking forward to Aero. Their quality, styles, etc are fantastic
damn tough call...leaning slightly towards the GlenPlaid myself 
wha a cool contest! some incredible designs 
on the Parka I was more looking for some measurements or sizing guidance. But also, any details from Nick would be great
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