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That's how I feel about my Clover. It's a pain to fold and if it were hung up Id likely wear it more
Perfect. Thank you. I'll shoot you an email in a few...You recommend staying with the same size for the linen as the donegal I have?
A Barbour jacket I hadn't seen anywhere else. They had a great EG display but not a lot in my/our size
Its a nice shop and the guys were all pretty friendly. I certainly see why you shop there and I wouldn't be surprised if they gave a bit of assistance
I have a pair in 8E worn twice. I plan to throw them up in B&S within the next few days. If anyone wants a deal PM me
Have you soaked it in cold water and slowly stretched it? Pretty effective method to add some length
Feels to me like in any instance you would wear one you would/could also wear the other. I'm not one to talk as I have plenty of overlap in my collection but I'd probably pass
I sized up and kinda regret it. It's a nice fit but a bit baggies than I would like. I plan to go TTS this time and stretch it
Going for both kudu and mountain ram thorpe? Bravo. That seems like a lot of overlap to me
THIShand pockets are essential to me. Huge fan of putting both hands in my pockets and not making direct eye contact...lol...I feel my grandmother judging me from beyond the grave
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