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Really dig the chromepak. Ran court has been a roll with their leather offerings lately: Essex, flint kudu, chromepak
Very cool! Always liked the unique look of those
Sounds good! Hope the trip out west was good. Look forward to seeing some pics
Is the link live for sweater orders? Or not yet?
I own that belt in two different colors and can highly recommend it. Probably my favorite casual belt
Frank, What's the jacket?
Should be an awesome event! Bummed I can't make it out. I hope you guys have an awesome time and please post a bunch of pics
I would say they are slightly short. I may let the back out a bit. When you sit and cross a leg I would imagine they are up quite high
Think this was called desert sky
SW&D running away with the selections so far. Need some folks to select frescos and chunky hopsacks to balance things out a bit
New Posts  All Forums: