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  Darts for sure. I can snap a pic of my back if you feel so compelled  As for the fit I don typically wear EP shirting as they don't fit well in the chest. The exception to this is the Ashland/Keystone fit. I take that in a Large. I took this in an XL and its slightly more tight in the chest then some of my other shirts, but nothing that makes it unwearable. Given the heft of the shirt I am actually wearing open as more worksheet style anyway...
 Saw them in person as well yesterday. All the new colorsways are great. I would say that picture highlights a bit more blue undertone than I saw. They definitely were a pretty true grey in the store. The alabaster white is kind of a cool eggshell color. The kids tops were a great shape in person in well and the fit was dead on with the low tops.
These pics aren't the best but just trying to show the insane texture of the double chambray With Grey Wilshire
Do not sleep on that 2 ply chambray!! I grabbed it myself immediately yesterday. Most chambrays are thin but this thing is tough! Almost like a chambray work shirt.
Thank you very much
Did you go to soho or 59th? Soho would be much easier for me to make happen but not sure if they have it...
I have never heard a single instance of Trubalance being tight compared to Brannock sizing. Some measurement is off somewhere
Nice! You will be quite pleased.I'm down in the city for the day tomorrow and hoping to get a chance to do the same.
Looking great Boot Spell. PBJ's??
Burgundy shell > dark brown shell IMO
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