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@Epaulet any update on the "Ryden Boot" I think this went in around Feb. '15 so guessing we should start to hear something soon. TIA!
one of the nicest sneakers around 
64 for me, hands down. for both look and fit 
@conceptual 4est shoutout for the new size filtering, absolutely love it!!
that Camden looks great. under rated model 
when can we expect things like the Geller, NR, etc pre-orders to roll in?   asking moreso from a budgeting standpoint than anything ;)
love the whole look. trousers are a great fit as well
@Epaulet best of luck with the move man. I know how hectic and stressful it is
great shape! seems like a ton of shoe for the money as well 
Agreed. Probably my favorite makeup yet
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