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More of a swooshing...lol
Oh, cool. Thanks.
Grant toe box is more narrow than Barrie. So not positive a D would work for you.
Mike, Can you remind me when those cone distressed Wilshires are going up? Need a lighter pair and thinking those would be a good addition.
I agree with this. I have a Sollar chucka and these Chelsea in the same size. I used an insole in my Chelsea and the fit is spot on. I used an Alden foot balance insole which is thicker than a standard one. FWIW
Where are you MA guys getting hill farmsted from? Are you driving up to the brewery? I have plenty to trade
Somewhere in between...technically RTW but very difficult to get abs are usually sold through preorder or within a few minutes of being available
Chamois Daytripper is badass
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