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Especially fast for you considering your usage rate
Nice!Wanted to grab something as well but looks like I can't return if I buy on sale
Greg, I need a bigger bag for like a week's worth of travel. I have an older Hartman bag that's on its last legs. Would the Pompei be big enough?
And how does one become your friend?? I promise never to return any footwear you wish to purchase for me
Agree with this. If you had an outstanding credit you should have never been charged for the second pair. That was there mistake and it is easily rectifiable. They have the ability to refund you and are choosing not to do it.Any chance they are located in the west village of New York?
having a shirt shortened is a pretty easy task for any competent tailor 
I dig the light welt and white stitching. Nicely done.
This.Sounds like a lot of people exciting things planned for the upcoming year
@AJL this one is still a bit long as I have not wash and dried it yet like my others. I plan to do so after the next wear or two and can give you some before and after measurements. Right now it probably sits even with bottom crotch seam of my jeans in the front and slightky over the back pocket opening in the back
New Posts  All Forums: