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not to say Don doesn't get a great shine to his footwear...but kind in mind there is more certainly a filter applied to that picture to create a deeper contrast
your best option to is create a makeup and suggest it. if there is enough committed buyers than Fok will likely run a pre-order for it. Both the waxed flesh boot from Rd.2 and the Derby from Rd.3 were not not he 2030 so there is definitely some variation among the choices 
Think these are about 4 years old now
I know...blasphemy.I had to travel a bunch so I had Richard hold them till my return. I should have them this week though
Great looking makeups
I am trying not to buy as much shell. Truthfully, I don't wear what I currently own nearly enough. With two young kids I don't seem to find the time to properly maintain my shell, and also find myself reaching for my CXL and suede makeups on a much more frequent basis. All that being said my new Trickers shell should be arriving any day
Damn. Those are sweet. Where are they from?
Damn, those Skye 2's are really nice
so you mean you should have gotten in our Zug boot??? Basically the same makeup with a rarer leather
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