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They don't
nice to see you posting here again 
you an me both...Tried a few different avenues over the last few years to get this made. Left was ready to go at one point and then had an overly successful pre-order of a different model and applied their #8 allocation to it. Heartbreaking...
you must be a real wham, bam, thank you mam. I always prefer the part left to the imagination and thus the hidden wonders only a good boot can provide...
put in an insole. whats half a size?
not 100% sure but something like this  tan suede chukka (possibly with norgevese welt)similar but lighter suede and welt   captoe bootnorgevese weltReh Llama upperHiro Tobacco shaft 
sh$t I better hurry
my judgement is already impaired when I visit the site...god forbid if booze were involved 
mine cleared Monday and I still don have them...going on almost two weeks since the package was sent. The snow stork delayed things about 48 hours but the USPS service has been deplorable on this shipment. Zero fault at all of Skoak of course, just venting about shipping frustrations 
Walnut CC is a true brown to me
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