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For store credit
I think we are similar fit. Are you 8D Barrie? I can do an 8.5D in Leeds but for Dundee and Dalton 8E is the better fit for me. 
if you post visual evidence, then yes
I have 1st dibs....
I cannot decide between Cedar Lavender Check or Salt & Pepper Lavender Check Rivets... is the right answer Cedar Check and Grey Donegal?? 
Yes the link is now working. However I seem to be getting an error message when I try and log into the site. saying bad URL
Greg,   the link to the ballot from the newsletter does not appear to be working...just an FYI
@mdubs I may be in...can you give me a day or two to decide?
Wow, pretty amazing that was achieved in 11 months. can you elaborate on how often worn, # of washes, etc
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