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I think its a height thing 
  so interesting! I totally see the Hove as the dressier one
the track pants are killer. so much want! that with that white shirt would be a major winter go to for me 
I find the Isham more casual than the Hove and this is a casual leather to me 
I personally find this color tone more pleasing. If it were black with a white sole I would find it too contrasting. This combination has a better flow for me from leather to lining to sole. But I am also wearing a gum sole as I write this...
Do not sleep on these. Insanely comfortable from the start
not to mention CP goes for almost this much for just a standard sneaker not on deal 
Where is MN are you?Black Blue is a very cool shop in the twin cities area that stocks EG. Great little Thai place next door as well
IMO saying dainite makes it feel cheap is ridiculous. It might not be your preference but it does not have that effect
DDD I'm out on isham on MH71, thanks for thinking of me. I'll likely go MTO if I decide on a second kudu makeup
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