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I would say 40. I am XL & 42 but will depend on shoulders a bit
they look great. interested to hear more about them 
@gdl203 those Thuya have really grown on me. Like them in every pic I see. Any plans for a re-stock?
yes! thats exactly the one. I have almost pulled the trigger on it quite a few times. 
its no @Synthese but I guess it will do
that Leder light blue chambray-ish jacket is the one I keep wanting to buy
I believe that shop has decent sized minimums which would make an EFF pretty tough
Seems like you would be a good candidate for pre-orders
keep in mind this is 1 of 2 PTB style. Mike said their is a more elegant last coming next week in GYW. So I think this shorter vamp and slightly articulated toe is purposefully so. It definitely skus the most SW&D of any EP footwear offering to date. But I think waiting to see both style together will tell the more comprehensive story. So if this one is no for you I am guessing the GYW version would be more so. 
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