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is there a larger picture of the color available?   similar to this?
give me a day to consider. Might be different from what you had in mind but I would also be open to black highland grain or black pig skin with brass eyelets. I've been wanting a black boot. Let me think about it over the weekend and I'll Pm you
nope. Your CC # or Paypal account and I'm in! any chance of an antique style edge trim?
its a must. If I were forced to have only a single shirt in my closet it would be a blue OCBD. I can pretty much wear it everyday and dresses up or down. I find white to be much tougher to pull off casually. 
I could be persuaded...
Team Kudu where ya at???        
Lovely combination of texture and color.Is that the Weiss field watch? Been looking at one myself and curious.
Nice to see you over here...that boot sans brass eyelets is available as a stock Alden model, the 4060. #8 captoe on Grant last. Alden DC generally has a decent stock of it. It's a great boot. For Grabt sizing I would recommend a full size up from your Carmina Rain sizing i.e. I'm 7.5UK in Rain and 8.5US in Grant. As long as you don't feel you have to have an antiqued edge trim boot either Shoe Mart, Alden DC or Alden of Carmel should be able to have something that would...
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