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Always do my best work when my back is against the wall
I would recommend obsessively refreshing 50 times a day. Seems to be most effective
Hunting jacket!!! YES!!!
Can't remember the name of this Gitman FF flannel. But it's awesome
got over my sizing fears and took the plunge...   Single breasted w/ liner in Dove Grey ordered 
awesome! What did you go with? I really wanted a couple of pieces but ended up passing over not knowing my exact sizing 
EP cotton cashmere Driggs & EP Brixton
you owe it to yourself to watch the series. Its one of the best (arguably the best) tv series of all time
It's being shown around from what I've heard
@LA Guy I really screwed up not getting that Hopper Engineer boot. We need to re-run those or run the new Chelsea pattern 
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