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I was just joking around. I think its a typo as the date in bold says September 2017
well this one looks to be in 2017 
agreed. I have the same shirt and love it. I should have slept on the two I wanted...oh well. Chambray dobby maybe?
indigo buffalo is pretty awesome 
ah shiiiit Just what I need, more shirts...lol
standard EP cuts only?
I'll see you a size 8 in the 2045 waxed flesh SF makeup for less...
Steve, you are all good. Voting is closed for this round of makeups but the purchasing side has yet to begin....there are 4-5 final makeups decided for this round and if any of those appeal to you enough to purchase then you will eb able to do so. Just keep an eye on this thread as ordering should open up within the next week or two.  Just an additional note, payment is required upfront in full and delivery is about 4-5 months
EP Rivets and EP x Carmina For those asking about how Rivets fade. These are about three years old and well worn. I would say they are now somewhere between the original navy color and the recent indigo hopsacks. They are also ridiculously soft now
New Posts  All Forums: