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That's the type of EP update we know and love!
Good deal. They rock
which is great! I just like being able to avoid fighting the masses when possible. Nobody to blame but myself...
I find the shape of the jacket to be great. IMO it would be out of place if it were too slim  If you purchased it within 14 days just return it and swap it out 
very angry with myself...I was bummed about no Short being offered in the Fj and elected missed the order window. I am already regretting my decision 
interested to see what the new offerings are. I have found myself wearing the natural linen and grey suedes ones nearly daily recently.
check out Full Count from Blue in Green. Its a great stubby, medium weight denim with a cut close to the Rivets
and a jacket!
Wow I didn't realize that. Part of the reason I do the pre-order is the ability to order the short as tailoring is more cost abd time. That is really too bad
only pair I have an issue with is the natty CXL derby we did on SF a few years ago. I have worn them 20+ times and the right shoes still rips my ankle open every time. I can't figure out why the leather hasn't loosened up at all
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