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providing this update is a big win IMO. I hate having to inquire and this puts me at ease and gives me a general sense of where things are at. 
the easiest way to show frustration with these changes is with lack of purchases...plenty of other companies that seem more consumer friendly to support. 
Very nice Looks like you cleaned the playroom as well
I am excited for them. Should be super comfortable. I did them in flannel suede which is a light grey color, with a natural welt and tan rubber soleWaiting in a Loden suede Galway too. Not a unique model but with green suede and light contrast stitching should be a bit out of the norm
I'm waiting on a Winford. We don't see that much here
#4 is all about age. Gonna look so dope with a good amount of wear on them and as you,say will be worn all the time
Maybe a touch but not by that much for me. But I don't find the 2030 all that narrow. I think it's waaay overblown online
#4!!!!! Chukka in brown cafe. This can be worn in a huge variety of settings and look good. 2030 last is a great profile for a chukka and crepe sole will make it extremely comfortable from day 1 Here is a Carmina in my collection with a nice profile and crepe sole If there is one chukka to have in your collection, this is it!!!!
I think that is overly simplified. Its the subtle nuances of these makeups that make them truly unique. 
its goes to a charity of Fok's choice for all his hard work   or he will refund you...whatever you choose 
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