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What colors does AE currently stock in grain leather? I have seen the chili but wondering if they have anything else
Passover saddles for me today
@mr.DV, sweet saddles! What sole do they have? Almost looks like red brick, but I can't tell for sure.
IMO, if the 2030 is too wide for your tastes than Viberg makeups probably aren't for you. Any more narrow would be out of place for this more rugged style boot. Something like Carmina Rain or even Alden Plaza would look to angular and out of place. To be that is what makes the 2030 so special is that it manages to keep form while not being as rounded as most traditional lasts.
Anyone own the 11's? I love my 13's and am very interested in the 11's
Wow, Roger. I love those
Anyone have experience with the Xim last? I picked up a pair on deal yesterday but have no idea if the size will work for me. I am 7.5 Rain and went 7 on the Xim
Can we start using spoilers tags more often?
Anyone snap a noragi pic??
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