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May as well ask them to bring back some additional shell colors as well
Nice Chukkas
Wow. Those are pretty dope
I believe the hand distressed with be the Cone Mills version like the jacket and the 18oz. will be a separate denim.
I really, really like the Buxton. I stare at this makeup far more than I should.
Yes. Harrogate is nice but a bit too sleek for my tastes. I am surprised the Derwent does not get mentioned more as I think it is great looking. I was quite torn between Ullswater and Derwent for my Brandy Willow MTO
Maybe that was the best pair he had?? Scary thought...
What's is gong on? Yesterday was fire and brimstone in this thread and today Viberg is incredible. Fickle bunch
Damn! Those look siiiick
To make it even more confusing BB marks them as 8E. So US length and UK width...LOL
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