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I so want mike to take the grey suede from the collar and do an all grey suede version
14 day return policy, you pay shipping. All you have to do is email ahead of time and get an RMA number so they know whats coming back. very simple Yes, for footwear as long as you don't crease it
Outstanding. One of the few makeups I lust over
The Barrie version is great
I like the L. It's a heavy weight sweater and I think a bit more relaxed. The body looks too tapered in the M for my taste
beebs, I thought you were always half crocked 
here is the Doyle wannabe my 3 year old rocks    http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1020581&vid=1&pid=978632012
agreed.The strange thing though is that he is definitely a slimmer profile and I have the 42 and 44 here. Initial fit I like the 42 better but based off his pics earlier I thought the 42 would be too slim for me. The fit is trim without being too tight with a heavy-weight hoodie on. 44 is more relaxed but sleeves are too long. Need to longer trial after work hours to be sure. Without a doubt SUPER high quality piece. Only nitpick is that the zipper is near impossible. I...
sounds like we are in a similar spot. I have the XL and XXL. The XL is a bit tight in the chest but fits everywhere else. The XXL is better int he chest but a bit bulky everywhere else. While the best answer is to lose a few lbs....I am considering the XXL. I feel like I would be able to give these a hot wash and shrink it up a bit. The XL is really close to perfect but any tighter would be too tight. decisions decision...
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