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Any chance of Esemplare making a return? I'm wearing that brushed green sweatshirt with the nylon ripstop today and it's the nicest sweatshirt I own.
Not too bad at all. And I very sensitive to that
Bit of a pile up, lol. Sunday night folding from last week's wears. SS Clover, S&C cardigan, Bison, Document, and EG fair isle (only non NMWA piece) with Moon / Master Piece barely visible at bottom
Damn. Killer piece in my size. I should snag this
I do. I rarely wear an SC, but both that and the washed navy linen are outstanding. I would have a tough time deciding if both get made
Been eyeing it for weeks. I got greedy and it cost me. Damn!
aaarrgghhh...who took the 43 in the Camoshita blue cotton flannel?? had to run an errand and now its gone. vultures!!
FC, looking spot on man! Been telling you guys not to sleep on grey! Finally got a chance to pull the trigger myself a few minutes ago
New Posts  All Forums: