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Totally different. NMWA are suede compared to the waxed flesh. The waxed flesh are also significantly darker as seen here. These boots will age very differently from one another
cool. I have both so never remember :)
PSA:   SF affiliate No Man Walks Alone  (paging @gdl203 and/or @conceptual 4est) is now a Viberg stocklist. inaugural makeup is a killer rough out suede service boot on 1035     http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/service-boot-rust-horween-chromexcel-roughout-suede.html
Can't remember the name of this Gitman fabric, but it's awesome.
Derby day
Agreed. Plus the new changes to the insole/footbed is really noticeable. They are supremely comfortable. Have I mentioned enough how much I love these?/ 
Edward Green Galway on 82 last in Dark Oak and Walnut County Calf at least thats my assumption ;)
Regretting not ordering the hopper engineer boot
have the navy cardigan from last season too  so ecru...
damn I want that GRP grey shawl sweater...but feels like a lot of overlap with my grey bubble cardigan from last season
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