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Thanks for the post. As I said earlier I am still in 2 minds on whether to go and get a new navy suit or go for the black trouser combo. I am open to suggestions you have made and will hopefully get to try some clothes on this weekend. Thanks again
 sounds good
The outfit Beckham has on would be appropriate for an evening reception at a wedding? The jacket he has on is great looking.
What colour is the one that Beckham is wearing? I cant find it anywhere on UK websites
What colour is the jacket he is wearing do you think? I cant find it anywhere on the sites here in the UK.    I need a new pair of black trousers although I would love a new navy suit as well so not ruling out wearing that to the wedding.
I am on the lookout for a tweed jacket. Was thinking of wearing it to a wedding in a couple of weeks here in Ireland but also wear it with jeans as well on casual basis.    David Beckham wore something similar to what I have in mind      Does anyone know where I could get such a jacket?
  and     Both made by Churchs
Lads total noob here so go easy on me.   I am looking for a couple of pairs of new jeans. One pair of plain black jeans and another pair of standard light faded type jeans. Would like to be able to wear them casual and also more dressy type events. I would like them more fitted but not sure about skinny jeans, I dont think I am slim enough for them. I weigh about 90kgs and I am 6 ft tall. I was looking to know some advice on what type of jeans to stay...
Yeah it is a day time wedding, ceremony is indoors in a chapel and then the food/party etc will be outdoors. Hackett look like they have some lovely blazers. Don't want to spend a fortune though. I want to be able to wear the clothes with other outfits as well
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