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I have one almost exactly like that. kinda a waxy coating over the leather. I like mine to.
Near Atlanta GA and is just starting the demim bug.
Thanks so much. I am looking for a pair of these now in 30-31 waist.   It is just odd to me that there are hardly any low rise heavy denim jeans avalaible.
Can someone etll me a higher end jean with a short lowrise of about 8" inches?   I am a 31 waist and all i see are 10+" in jeans like iron Heart, Nudie, N&F. ect.   Now I do see plenty of lowrise with a rise of about 8' in True Religion, Abercrombie ect. Just can't find a good cut in the quality jeans as all seem to have front rise from 9.5"-10.5" and cuts like a Levis 501 jean. Both of which I can't stand.
Gee thanks for all the replies in the last week.
No low-rise jeans?     Any high end heavy oz denim low rise jeans being made? I don't see them in the known makes like Iron heart, Naked and famous, Nudie ect.    Or do the better cuts just exist on the fashion designer labels like True Religion, RRL , Abercrombie ect ?
Anyone have any experince with this/:   NAKED & FAMOUS New Reverse Fade Jeans     JPG
I am new to denim. Which is better QUALITY?
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