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I use Saphir renovateur cream on all my vibergs. I am very happy with the way they turn out. Top left is the Buffalo Scouts.
Gucci Betis Glamour Horse Bit Loafer - Sz 9.5E   - Calfskin. - Brogue paneling at almond toe. - Signature bit at vamp. - 1" stacked heel with rubber inset. - Padded leather insole. - Leather lining and outsole. - Horsebit - Made in Italy.   Excellent condition and very well looked after. Saphir Renovateur applied before put in storage in the Fall.   These shoes will come as is - no longer have the box or dust bags.     Retailed at $595US. Asking $300CDN obo -...
Heres an old pic i posted 3 years ago. Its gone through a lot of wear in harsh Canadian weather, and still looks the same to this day.
Wow. These look amazing in this colour. I have a tan roughout on a 310 commando sole and its one of my favourite pairs.
Still available? PM sent
Please close classified ad
Thanks for sharing. I asked the salesperson and he told me otherwise. But I'm guessing he didn't know either. I'm cool with it- i asked just in case I was going to get a friend to pick them up for me. But even then I decided not to.
They have the W+H at the Eaton Centre as well. I've handled them and they are nice but would still rather CPs if your going to pay that much. I think with the student discount they can be had under 300 (+tax)
he's right.they are extremely soft and comfortable. You guys don't know what your missing.
they look like my bisons (I have the scout and had the service boot in bison)
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