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Thanks for sharing. I asked the salesperson and he told me otherwise. But I'm guessing he didn't know either. I'm cool with it- i asked just in case I was going to get a friend to pick them up for me. But even then I decided not to.
They have the W+H at the Eaton Centre as well. I've handled them and they are nice but would still rather CPs if your going to pay that much. I think with the student discount they can be had under 300 (+tax)
he's right.they are extremely soft and comfortable. You guys don't know what your missing.
they look like my bisons (I have the scout and had the service boot in bison)
new rotation- first run for these bad boys this season
Rare canvas shoe by Adidas.   took me a long while to actually find a pair and in my size. Have too much shoes though, so i am just clearing the closet.Used but in really good condition.   $65 shipped anywhere in North America   I actually use wax laces, so i have taken pics with both the original laces and the waxed.
Very nice. And only posted a few seconds ago. Wish they were my size
Cognac leather on beige houndstooth wool Made by "Big it Up" now known as Brimz Hat Boutique Toronto   Size: Large   I have hardly wore this. asking for $40 shipped anywhere  
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