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I think they look amazing, they could definitely use a full cleaning and perhaps a resole but nothing looks too far gone from the photos, and they have so much character and patina.
  Thanks!     Yeah I picked them up at Skoaktiebolaget. Adam is a great guy. I originally bought a pair of Carmina's but was worried the heel slip wouldn't go away, so I exchanged them. It also made it seem like I spent only $600 on them because I was only paying the difference. Yay for justifications!     Thanks! As soon as weather permits I'll have them out and about. 
Just bought this pair of St James II Vintage Cherry. The most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen. Too bad the weather outside doesn't really make me want to wear them any time soon.   Sorry for the photo quality, I was lazy.                
Hello everyone! I'm Vu, just found this forum about a week ago after impulse buying a pair of Tricker's Grassmere country boots to stomp around Stockholm in the snow and slush (just moved here from Los Angeles). Now over just the course of this week, and with a considerable amount of influence from this forum and its members, I've added a pair of Red Wing Beckman, Alden Cordovan Indy, Wolverine 1k Krause and Alden Natural Chromexcel Brixton boots. Fastest addiction...
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