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Happy to help and you'll be pleased. Don't be afraid to ask questions as he is not only honest and direct but knows all his bolt fabrics well. I'm not the most fabric literate but conveyed what colors, weights, etc I was looking for and he helped narrow down options, share what was different about each one and such.Trip 1 is picking the fabric and sharing the style (flat, pleats, any special pocket requests). Trip 2 is 2 weeks later where you try them on, they are not...
I'm happy to share insights here as I exclusively use Mr Ned's for custom pants (just did another purchase a few months back and brings me up to 6 pairs total). I've only experienced him and none others so can't comment on that, but selected him based on all the online reviews out there. As you can imagine based on the number of pairs I own, I'm very happy with them. I went to him originally because I can't fit in anything OTR in any large department store including...
Received the Scott & Charters cardigan and tried on tonight. Here's both buttoned and unbuttoned. It's a burgundy color with black undertones and is on the darker side vs a richer/brighter plum or true purple color in case any had an eye on it. Very nice and classy color. And bonus pic - happened to wear my fuzzy butteros today.
Allen Edmonds Marcoliani Mr Ned
Sounds awesome!! Are the width of the ties going to be changed moving forward to a new standard of 3.5 in or sticking to 3.25?
Long time lurker. Allen Edmonds Marcoliani birdseye Mr Ned
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