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Received the Scott & Charters cardigan and tried on tonight. Here's both buttoned and unbuttoned. It's a burgundy color with black undertones and is on the darker side vs a richer/brighter plum or true purple color in case any had an eye on it. Very nice and classy color. And bonus pic - happened to wear my fuzzy butteros today.
Allen Edmonds Marcoliani Mr Ned
Sounds awesome!! Are the width of the ties going to be changed moving forward to a new standard of 3.5 in or sticking to 3.25?
Long time lurker. Allen Edmonds Marcoliani birdseye Mr Ned
How would you differentiate the purposes if at all between the yak brush and lambswool polishing mitt? They sound like they are both perfect for a final buff/dust off before and after the day. Thoughts on how to use differently or do they achieve the same result?
Wow it took awhile to make it your way wonder if they ran into difficulties. But they look amazing and wear them well!!
Cool thanks. Figure because of the weight it's better as an outer layer and zipping when I need to vs keeping it zipped up all day in the office as the main layer.
Makes sense and thanks. And maybe slouchy was a bad word but just wondered if it looked more fitted than it should.
I took delivery of THE buffalo sweater tonight and this thing is really beautiful. Heaviest sweater I've tried on and really nice feel to it and super sturdy. But I do have a few concerns on the fit and will prolly sleep on it a little bit to see if I'm keeping it. Basically my wife thinks it looks great unzipped as an extra layer, but not convinced it looks as good zipped because, specifically just for my body, it doesn't have an oversize slouchy look that may be meant...
Eidos Grey large-scale herringbone suit, 12 oz wool Inglese Hand-sewn light blue twill shirt, spread collar Barbanera Miles captoe oxford, black calf Calabrese Navy self-tipped silk tie, light blue neat print
New Posts  All Forums: