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I am interested in the "Large Handmade Yak Hair Shoe Shine Brush."  Do you know when you will have the neutral version back in stock?  Never seems to be available.  Also I see its meant to serve as a finishing brush, but can it be used to clean up neutral Saphir conditioner applied to a shoe?  It's thickness of bristles and how many there are looks like it would be ideal to remove the thick conditioner.
Sorry for any confusion - we are hoping to do another GMTO in the same boot but brown suede as introduced above. So far we have 4 it sounds like.
My vote is Dainite since it covers the entire sole and looks like a more elegant solution than Tomir. Responded the same in the Skoak thread but in case others see this first here.
Just to start discussing preferences on the sole, my first preference is Dainite so the entire sole is covered. My understanding is with a Tomir sole that the mid part of the sole is exposed. Thoughts?
I'm 100% in for that especially if we go through Skoak. Been waiting for that to restock at Leatherfoot since they first ran out and suppose I have been too preoccupied with other shoes to initiate a GMTO.
This isn't an Alden contribution exactly (and I only have the snuff suede chukka so no shell for me ... yet), but wanted to share this here given everyone's affinity for shell cordovan. I just received a Horween shell shoe horn. I like it because it serves it's purpose really well being a slick surface and one that can show patina over time, and also just a bit more unusual than Abbeyhorn: In trying it out this morning, it was impressively slick and also the thick...
Received a birthday gift of a shell cordovan shoe horn!! Looks so cool and nice with cordovan being slick enough to work for shoes in this way. It's the little things that make each day more enjoyable.
Wish I could! I'm working Friday and then out of town for the weekend unfortunately. But look forward to pics and hearing all about it.Also forgot to snap a pic of these bad boy Butteros I'm wearing today as well. So comfy!!
Wearing my Inis Meain anthracite (what a cool color name) cable knit Aran sweater - getting to those temps in NYC now. Sorry for the less than optimal lighting.
Dark brown kenilworths in calf ready for another day's work, and almost may be time for its first resole soon.
New Posts  All Forums: