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I'm going to start with the two plain MTM Alexandre suits -- a navy 3-piece and either gray or slightly-darker gray 2-piece -- and get an extra pair of trousers with each; one pair of each with side tabs, braces buttons, and no loops. Because braces.   We shook hands on the job a couple of weeks ago, and I'm told the offer letter should be in the mail after the first of the year. As soon as I get it I'm going shopping and I'll post pics as I go along.   Thanks,...
  I would totally have bought that shirt. Hell, I'd wear it bowling. 
Victor,   Fantastic blog. You and I have very similar builds and you have a great sense of what works with your frame.   I hope you start a Tumblr. Keep the pics coming!    Subscribed. 
 Touche, monsieur. Touche.   Edit: Holy shit, your Tumblr is amazing. I want to be you when I grow up.
  I remember seeing a company that used to advertise in the backs of bodybuilding magazines. They only sold severely-tapered shirts. I don't remember the name so I have no idea where they are now. 
My chest is 43.75." I really don't think I'm that disproportionate. I mean, I'm not Duke Nukem or anything. The main thing is, viewed from the side, my chest is V-shaped. My lats are really deep from my serratus up to my traps.   Removed the shirtless pic. This one's a little less gauche and shows my taper better. Sorry about that.  
  I don't need the Power Suit until March. I can get by with flannel slacks and OCBD's for the first few weeks at the firm. It sure would be great to show up in a good suit my first day, though.     Boy, that's a good question. 33w slacks fit comfortably.   The widest point of my belly, just below my navel, is 34.75". So that actually gives me a couple of inches to play with.   Do you just get used to wearing pants all the way up there? It seems really awkward. 
  Navy, maybe with a subtle pinstripe; and dark gray or maybe charcoal. Single-breasted, two-button, very subtle padding in the shoulders, conservative notch lapels, slant pockets, and single pleat trousers.    I don't expect to wear a suit to the office every day but I'll be managing my department so I want to step it up one notch above what's required. The dress code is, and I quote: "Nice. Shirt with a collar, no running shoes." Also, as our designated hitter, it's on...
I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for local tailors who could do that kind of work.    Anyone in Seattle have any ideas?   I'm moving up that way after Christmas.
  That's not exactly the image we're going for. In fact, "ex-military consultants" is exactly the opposite image we're trying to portray. Otherwise I could go in there with cargo pants, a company golf shirt, a G-shock watch, and Oakley sunglasses. Those, by the way, I own.     I just checked out Suit Supply. Looks great. Thanks for the recommendation. The problem is, they're only on the East Coast. I'll be in Seattle, and right now I'm in Portland, OR, so that's out. At...
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