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Posted some pics of my place on the Cribs thread. I was a general contractor and did quite well in the housing boom.   I have absolutely no interest in modern furnishings, with the exception of modern light bulbs. My wife and I refused to put stainless appliances in this house when we built it.    I know we're not alone on this; our schtick when we were flipping was turning "modern" condos -- white carpet, white walls, rounded fixtures -- into "vintage" living...
6.3 this afternoon, with hills. 
Post pics as it goes.   Stairwells are such a pain in the ass. I hope it goes well.
  Interesting. They do roast the beans darker than I like, which is why I use the salt. I'd never seen oil coming out of beans before; I figured it was related to getting them really fresh.   Still good coffee, though.   Thanks for the info.
  Believe it or not, there is a deep, bitter, teeth-grinding hatred between the '79-83 Mustang owners and the Mustang II owners. They have to separate us at Mustang shows. 
Never thought about that. We used OSB under our hardwood downstairs. When we were renovating condos we just used an insulating base layer under a laminate. 
And then there's the exterior: the house needs new paint and window trim, I want to get some guys to attack my backyard with a dozer and make it flat enough to mow without risking life and limb, replace the chain link with horse fencing, build a flagstone patio around the outdoor fireplace. . . . it just goes on and on.    Okay. Somebody else's turn. I'm getting bummed out now.
I wouldn't have thought about using MDF as a subflooring. That's a good idea.   I think by plywood you're thinking of what I'm thinking of. It'll be in a high-traffic area so I'm more interested in durability and replaceability than anything else.   Just no more finish-in-place solid wood floors. Ever. 
  Some sort of engineered hardwood. I haven't decided which, yet. As long as it can take a beating (our dog weighs 130 lbs.), clicks together, and doesn't have to be finished in place. The technology has been moving so fast, I don't even know what's good right now. I'm open to suggestions.
My absolute next thing is to do the stairs and upstairs hallway in walnut laminate. I've been offered an outstanding job with a consulting startup here locally; if that comes through soon I'll probably hire a guy to do it because really, fuck stairs.   Here's the upstairs as we found it:       We replaced the weird fluorescent lighting in the hallway with a pine T&G ceiling to match the downstairs and put in some antiqued fixtures, and replaced all the...
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