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Johnston & Murphy driving loafers in chili. $5.99 minus a 10% military discount and they threw in the shoe trees. Out the door for under $6.00 with tax.   "I got these. . . for five bucks." -- Steve Martin   Most comfortable Goddamn shoes I've ever owned.   Interestingly, they're the same size and color as the AE Ashtons I scored at the same place a few weeks ago, with matching shoe trees. I believe someone in my size is going through his closet. I'm gonna...
I put pics in the Discount Bragging Thread but I just found a set of AE Ashtons in chili at Goodwill, in my size, for $9.99 less a 10% military discount. Out the door for under $10 tax included.   As I paid for them, I was sure someone would recognize them and say, "Oh, this isn't right."   Of course the cashier had no idea what they were or what they're worth; to her, they were just brown shoes.   They shined up beautifully with a neutral polish. They're a...
I'm in the NW, South Sound area. I recently heard a DJ giving the weather report:   "100% chance of rain today, highs in the forties, with partial clearing by June." 
    Upon examination, I think the right shoe is wide and the left one isn't. They both say size 10.5, though.   After a coat of neutral polish and a light buff, it appears that they're chili.   I just swapped in my SOF Soles from my desert boots for the AE inserts, and now they fit very well. 
AE Ashtons:       . . . at Goodwill. $9.99 with a 10% military discount.     The right one is pretty stretched out -- the previous owner must've been seriously fat because I wear a EEE -- and it doesn't fit me very well. The left one fits great. Not sure if I'm keeping these but I sure as hell couldn't pass them up for ten bucks including tax.
  Agreed. I put a light coat of Kiwi on my new Cliftons last night and shined it off today with a piece of an old T-shirt.  
Picked up a set of AE Cliftons at NR this afternoon in exactly my size. I had the salesman check: not seconds; returns. A little bit of wear on the soles but more than 50% off list. I had them under my arm like a nuclear football until I got to the register.       And my God, they feel amazing. These are my first grown-up (over $150 list) shoes and these are several steps up the ladder of awesome from any other shoe I've worn.
^ Should be required reading for everyone transitioning out.    I go to the Hire America's Heroes events and ex-mil job fairs, and you're dead-nuts on. We are an embarrassment. Black square-toed shoes with brown belts, polyester-blend ties, bad jackets. But some guy at MWH told us we look great, so we must, right? A class on how to dress decently should be part of the transition process. Saw a fucking guy with khakis, a blazer and tie, and Nikes at one of these not...
Necro-bump.   Funding for the startup got delayed, Goddamn stupid new economy   so I've been cruising Victor's Tumblr and hanging out in the Dumb Threads section.   I got a call this week that the firm has finally secured its first round of funding and is setting up the office space, and should be sending out offer letters within 60 days. I'm told I should be in this first round of hiring. So, go team.   That puts my need-a-suit drop-dead date probably...
  What's the plural of "dildo?" Dildae? Dildi? Dildum?
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