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Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about, thanks. The jacket does fit my contours well, just a little tight in the chest/back, but I'm thinking I'm ok with that. Back looks good too. Very impressed with quality, much much better than anything I've tried at the various malls all over Miami for past two weeks $1000 and below.
I'll try and take a better pic. I'm talking about the inside 'v' edge that the lapel of the coat makes. There are points halfway up the 'v' on both sides where what appears to be extra fabric ripples. The canvas underneath doesn't feel like its doing the same thing, but the fabric along the roll pinches, puckers, whatever you call it. I think if there was a tad less fabric it wouldn't do it. I'd think that would be fixable since the fabric just floats freely over the canvas.
Question for you guys. Just got my plain navy Napoli in and tried it on (40R). I used the fit 'advisor' on their site. It's snug, but I really like the suit. The only thing I can see wrong is that the lapels are often not hanging smoothly on the inside roll. I don't know what the proper term is for what they're doing, but I googled pucker, pinch, etc and nothing similar came up. I'd rather not go up a size as the pants fit me perfectly with the 34" waist. Is this a common...
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