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That does help, as did the other comments.  Thanks, all.  Considering giving it a go, especially because the CXL will probably be forgiving if there is any tightness.
Those look outstanding - congrats.
First of all there was no email in advance to build interest. Second likely fewer people check SF threads (in the last 3 hours) than get emails from Leffot. Third, 4 simultaneous preorders for 96 units = more supply, even though only 24 units are shell. In short it makes sense. Let's see if the Alt Wiens last another day or two though. Doubt that. Let's not forget that Leffot's recent preorder sellouts in minutes are a recent (2014) phenomenon.
Brown suede. Not the black.
^ Yeah, my scorn is reserved for myself for passing.
Would you like a side of fries with your smug?
Uh ohs.
Flip em for a cool $3,000. They'll sell for that by then, I just know it.
Put down 150 now and have plenty of time to save up for 2015 or 2016...
That "6-18" months is not super encouraging! Though I commend setting expectations realistically low.
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