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Actually looks like all the headlines now are that Wasserman-Schultz has resigned over it.  
Yes.  That's different.  They should report it.
Yes, we must presume their guilt, prosecute, impeach, and behead them.  Clearly.
They're going to totally disavow Trump as a candidate they never wanted or supported. He's just some guy who was't really a conservative and who hijacked the party. His candidacy was a fluke/Obama's fault. Then they'll move on.
Can you tell us more about your experience?
Totally non-scientific anecdote -- I've found in workplace environments that psychopaths do well in job interviews and when they start in their jobs.  People are impressed by them and find them to be charming and confident, sharp and on top of things.  It's as time goes by that the charm wears off and people realize the manipulative, calculating, superficial side of these people. 
Trump's unfavorable ratings at a national level have long been worse than Hillary's - quite an achievement given how poor hers have been.  Cruz creeps me out but even though he lost the nomination there are millions of people (maybe tens of millions) who really did find him likeable and charming.
You're right but it's a question of degree - where you put the decimal point.  I think Cruz scores in certified psychopath territory and Trump scores off the charts.  Many will obviously disagree but I do not think Hillary is a psychopath -- but scores high on the spectrum.  Bill is probably in psychopath land.  As for those of us making these judgments...  Well we all have our opinions.
Ooh, sorry, no, the correct answer is psychopath.  Psychopath is what we were looking for.  Please try again next time.  Good effort.
Some of us can focus on the plagiarism, the fact her husband is a deranged sociopath, and the moral equivalency you're using.
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