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Lol. I'm taking notes.
Good price on the omnipollo, terrible price on the Gose. Of course I'm in the US so... Yeah. Mexican cake is awesome.
^ Both
Those grant Indys are great boots. I swore I'd lay off boots and shell for a while but I think I'm on the list for those in color 8 (hard to remember) and would have a hard time saying no to them.
 I don't think that's right.  I have a large on the way and can compare it to one of my medium loop wheel Ts.
Deal!Now I am full of regret...
I'll take credit for your honeymoon, lol. Almost grabbed the tweed but I really need to stop buying navy pants...
Glad I caught this -- brolive corduroy and navy steep twill rudys kopped.  Highly recommend those bridle belts on sale.  I wear mine all the time.
^ That actually sounds spot on.
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