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Just keep in mind Leaves' response (below) to the question of whether bal boots were now done on Rain last.  Though why they would not do more runs, I do not understand: No, this is just for this limited run. As far as I know.
^ That's my Alden grail.  Well done.
I have never really understood what this means.  It looks like a woman's boot?  I don't see it.  Happy to disagree.  EG and GG have pointed lasts on tall shafted bal boots and I don't see it there either.
 Poverty, destitute poverty.  Basically chilling behind the dumpsters with NAMOR, maybe in some Galways… I am an attorney.  I can make asinine comments all I want and generally do so all day long.  
Thanks to @MalfordOfLondon --- Just ordered my first EGs (finally, after so much time here) -- Dark Oak Chelseas on the 82 Last -- at an amazing price.  Really appreciate the generosity in acting as proxy.  I've been neglecting the more business-oriented part of my wardrobe and these are absolutely THE perfect addition.  Been eyeing them for a long time as it was. 
That way we can look sharp for Stalin and Pol Pot.
"I'm going to hell! The worst place in the world! With devilsand those caves and the ragged clothing! And the heat! My god, the heat!"
I hear you.  You may be homeless but stay classy!  (Goes straight to hell.)
^ Best-shod future homeless dude.  Ever.
What, no wife pics to compare to boots? (Sorry, kidding, sorry.)
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