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Ouch.  Had been eyeing those but my size wasn't in stock.  At that price I am not nearly so interested, VAT or not.
Is that Lobb?  
^ well I may buy the rest of the mediums up as revenge. : - )
Darn - I was too late. But happy with the distressed and a bottle green. I just wish I didn't have the feeling that Macklemore is judging me.
^ +1000 points for the dog pic. Great expression. Nice shoes too.
^ You are not! I will have to hit the LES and check them out. Walt fit is ok on me if I size up one but suspect Rudy is best.
Rudys? Do these actually exist? : - )
^ heck of a way to start with shell. You let me know if the 8.5 doesn't work for you! : - )
Just want to mention that I've been living in my ring-ring Wilshires since getting them a little more than a week ago.  Great fit and construction with an amazing saturated blue color and incredibly soft hand.  I feel like I'm wearing pajamas.  
^ Yep, was going to mention this.  I passed - my name was added long before I discovered I am (gasp) not so into LWBs.
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