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[[SPOILER]] Can you give specs for this?  I absolutely love these.  A long time ago I had a pair of Bruno Magli platinum line boots that were very similar to these.  Not the S*&tty ugly Bruno Maglis I see now but a really beautiful pair of top quality boots.  Those were, unfortunately, lost (long story), but these are very similar in many ways and I'm thinking about making this my next pair. 
This is a well written sympathetic response.  I wouldn't have noticed most of these issues -- and, personally, would not have worn those in the NYC weather yesterday, which was nasty, slushy, wet and salty --- but it sucks when something doesn't meet your expectations.  I think those boots are beautiful and don't think anything about the caps looks off --- at least I would not casually notice them.  One question --- is that a real captoe or fake captoe?  Because if a...
^ Off the top of my head guess would have to be Red Wing.
This is the crucial question of the day/our generation.
^ Denim and shorts. They will not be reasonably priced.
Generally I hate perforated leather -- never seen a pair I liked until now.  Those are just a sample so it's not like I can jump on those but I'd be pretty tempted if it were an opinion.
Interrupting the deafening silence to say that holy shit those slippers on IG look great.
I don't know what you all wear in Chicago that handles the dead of winter there but it's pretty good for fall and probably early-mid spring in New York and plenty of winter days that are not too brutally cold or windy. 
Anybody have a good accurate shot of the color of the 130s oxford grey flannel fabric from the last EFF?  I'm looking at the Walts on sale and the color is quite dark (and it is described as medium - dark) compared to what I received.  My pair of 120s oxford grey flannels from an earlier EFF also seems fairly light by comparison.  Thanks.
True.  I'm basing prices on ordering from the UK with the favorable dollar and before this recent price hike on their website.  No idea if those favorable prices are now a thing of the past. My Church's are all 10+ years old.  My C&Js are all within the last 3-4 years.
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