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Luxury section of DSW not half bad. Those cordovan loafers have been there for months.
I have never heard of buying clothing, much less tailored clothing, planning that your children will one day inherit it. Is this usual? Pardon the interruption to regular programming.
No, no, I'm not falling for that one again.
That was awesome.  Wish these here slippers were whisky NSTs…
Best not to know. I assume he's talking about his recipe for tuna-fried chicken.
Probably the latter - they weren't there a day or two ago.
I was all patting myself on the back for refraining from this...
+1. I'd hop on those new Epaulet LWBs.
. At least you don't say the uppers are CXL.
Hope to see more pics of these over time.  I am sure all will be well with the soles -- can always resole them with something sturdier when the time comes.
New Posts  All Forums: