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Anybody else getting multiple aggressive spams purporting to be from Meermin --- if you "update your account" with credit card info, you get a 40% discount.  I wouldn't mention but have had like 4 identical messages in 24 hours (yes, time to use that SPAM function).  Interesting manner of trying to scam.  
Great buy.  If those had been made on commando I would own a pair.
Recently had the Andersen Blood Orange Gose and Victory Kirsch Gose.  The Blood Orange is delicious, crisp, effervescent, with great balance between salty and citrusy sour.  Tastes like a gose but with that extra kick from the fruit.  Beer soda - but in a good way.     The Kirsch was not so impressive by way of comparison.  A little restrained in its saltiness, sourness, and fruit.  The pinkish color is also a bit off-putting.  It isn't bad but I would believe you if you...
That black captoe is exceptional.  Lots of possibilities with that model.
^ Blake stitched are Blake stitched and not hand stitched.  Sorry to jump in.  Can still be - and certainly are - great shoes.
I was thinking of all of those but the permutations were so mind boggling that I lost track of time, space, and my place in the universe. I become one with the mixed media spirit, the boot Buddha, the cosmic GMTO karma. Days and weeks came and went. Shit, I left the dog outside since late February -- gotta run.
These are AWESOME
Chances of anybody at BB knowing what a last IS, much less having the answer -- pretty slim.
LOL - well said.  Just had a Duchesse de Bourgogne.  Flanders reds/browns - I'm in love.
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