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^ Keep the money, you will need it for the Amalfi Coast. Breathing the air there costs money. That said, Ravello is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit. Sorry not to be too useful but I'm jealous. Enjoy.
I was in Dubrovnik and most of the tourists were vacationing Italians. Anything with a "line" was a free-for-all nightmare. I was getting elbowed and stepped on by 80 year old grandmas. Still not as bad as some flights to/from Brazil.
I think it's all Buffalo. Curious as to the soles.
My wallet just jumped out of my pocket and starting quivering uncontrollably in the corner. Especially looking forward to the heirlooms
^ Tried some last night. It's good. Enjoy and not to rain on your parade but for less than 1/2 the price I think the Platinum is the best value for quality. Haven't tried green yet though.
Got to remember the tassel loafer. Oops - somebody did.
Canadians are aggressive marketers. First Bryan Adams, now this.
Those are on Plaza last and stunning. First blue boot I've wanted.
Superb.  I see they finally sent your bonus watch.
Change garage to shoes? And both closets? And bathroom?
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