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Somebody re-Zugged????? Excellent makeups, Carminas too.
 No.  Ridgeway is a better sole IMO.  Much better in snow.  I agree with those who have commented that the Victoria soles can get filled up with snow and become slippery.  Not good.  I have a pair of Carminas with Victoria sole and I will wear them in the rain and maybe light snow, but no heavy snow.  I have a pair of EG with Ridgeway and those are much better in the snow.
I don't know if the William Lockie preorder closed as scheduled or not but the option is still  up and I just caved and ordered the pacific/navy marl.  Hoping it can still go through...
^ Phenomenal patina there. Love seeing that.
Is it wrong that I just picked up my third white Somelos? 
Was about to write exactly that.
It is an Alden policy.  My understanding is that it's to protect various retailers in country A, B, C, etc... from having to compete with the prices of retailers in countries X, Y, Z etc...  
^ Yeah, feel that way too on the fit. Wondering about the details on the middle shirt. Striped a strong contender.
Very nice.  Hoping for a soon-to-be-posted Jason Mantzoukas Portugese oxford colab. 
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