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I believe you but it's something like $250 where I am.  That jump for an 18 year from a 12 (I paid $80) hurts.   Next on the list:  Laga 16 and a set of 200 ml Johnnie Walkers (black, gold, platinum, blue).  Place near me has that for $70 -- seems worth it at that price.
Well so patience is not my virtue here.  Picked up the Hakushu 12 and a 200 ml bottle of Talisker 18 (at a good price too).   I like the Hakushu but it may take me a little time and thought to appreciate it.  More subtle and nuanced than anything I've had thus far (which, given that everything has either had peat or sherry, should not be a shock).  Very pleasant and different though I cannot say it blows my mind.  I do look forward to more tastings.   The Talisker 18...
Sigh. Nevermind.
So true. Arguably most ideas, but some in particular.
Tried it straight up. Challenging but superb. Have since diluted slightly - probably to 50 or 52%. Just wonderful.Noted. Do want the Laga because I have a good feeling, but also planning on a Hakushu 12 and then maybe something a little more rare,as you say, or maybe just pricier.Having given Talisker 10 a rest for a few days, I came back to it last night and it tasted so much smokier and peatier than it ever had before. The contrast with the Balvenie and Aberlour...
Ok, wound up snagging a bottle of A'bunadh.  Good god.  
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