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How long have you been wearing them?  You're just talking about one wash?  Hang in there, it takes some time.  I'll try to post a (bad cellphone) pic later on.
First of all, great combination - perfect, really.  Second, as I mentioned once before, I really love that shirt.  I just bought a second and I am even considering a third.  There are plenty of days when I don't want to think too hard about throwing together a flexible work outfit that works in most instances in which I don't have to wear a suit.  This shirt is perfect for that.  I have a couple of Kamakura oxfords that I like but the Somelos/Epaulet ones are the better...
Great combo
So what kind of saddles? Just curious - not a saddle guy any way.
^ Without seeing Tricky's comment first, I was going to also write that I wouldn't change much if anything on that.  Great fit, great fabric.
I'd wear those with denim and a button-down shirt, with almost any gray trouser (esp. flannels), heavier blue wool trousers, most cotton trousers.
For me to deflect a point, you need to make a point.  Your last email didn't make one.  Here you finally make one and are a highly credible authority to boot.
Sigh.  You said that he and I agree and I don't know where you got that from, that's all.  Appreciate the congratulations on being right though.
Maybe you'll get to 50,000 enlightening posts by next Tuesday.
WTF dude, we agree on nothing and I'm not sure where you're getting that from.
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