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Mikkeller simcoe double IPA.  Very smooth, fruity, and delicious beer.  
Kopped the cinnamon.  I really thought I would get either derby or ecru and yet, when I went to go through with it, cinnamon just jumped out as the best choice for me.
  One of my favorite shirts.
Ugh.  No I will not…
^ I did not see that coming.  
Thoughts every 25 minutes today:   Ecru, derby, or cinnamon?  Ecru, derby, or cinnamon?  Ecru, derby, or cinnamon?
Thanks for that advice -- I think I probably will let it sit. I can't really imagine a beer at 15-20 ABV not tasting like death. But I'm a mindless sheep so I bought it when I saw it...
That looks like a different issue from what you were saying before.  Yeah, I can see how that might not be comfortable.  Better to return than to wear something you aren't happy with/comfortable in.
Maybe reaching beer-noob burnout and in agreement with a lot of the above comments.  Have tried a lot of things, maybe nothing too exotic or hard to get, but realizing that many of the more hyped up products, while very good, are (1) not drinkable on a regular basis, (2) are way too expensive for what they are, and/or (3) just aren't worth going too far out of the way for.   That said, I doubt that will stop me from enthusiastically trying new stuff.  So perhaps this is...
No offense but I don't think you are right.  This doesn't look like a big deal and shouldn't cause your ankle to roll.  If you are unhappy then by all means return them.  I'm not really sure these merit a refund or accommodation.  I would also expect that any minor unevenness would correct itself with a little wear, but I can't guarantee that.  You can see what BB will do - they may accommodate you.
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