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Avery's Liliko'i Kepolo -- Loved this beer.  The passion fruit really shines through yet it is still a complex and well balanced brew.  Really exceeded expectations in every way.  Need to grab a few dozen.   Was not a huge fan of the Maharajah DIPA --- I think I'm just moving away from this style.  Probably would have loved it a year ago.  (EDIT -- Well, I polished the rest of the bottle off and take it all back.  Great DIPA.  May just be that it deadens the palette...
Almanac's Golden Gate Gose -- really enjoying this one.  More "refined" gose than what I've had (though arguably anything is more refined than Westbrook's).  Was skeptical of it at the price point, but I'll be buying again for sure.
^ I did not like the idea of these when offered but admit, after seeing the instagram photos, they look very nice indeed.
Lol. I'm taking notes.
Good price on the omnipollo, terrible price on the Gose. Of course I'm in the US so... Yeah. Mexican cake is awesome.
^ Both
Those grant Indys are great boots. I swore I'd lay off boots and shell for a while but I think I'm on the list for those in color 8 (hard to remember) and would have a hard time saying no to them.
 I don't think that's right.  I have a large on the way and can compare it to one of my medium loop wheel Ts.
Deal!Now I am full of regret...
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