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That boot makes me like  
Amen!EDIT: Some of the sport trainers are now on sale. Was checking just in case some good baby stuff turned up.
Thanks all and Congrats to Eddie and El Argentino. Spectator sport is right -- I'm not done yet of course, but I kind of see my larger purchases in the next months as the last of their kind for a long time. There are a few grail items I hope to get but the ridiculous thing is that I may just shove them in the closet unworn and "earn" them over time. I'm sure that's crazy but it's the only way I can rationalize things like more shell boots and the like! I guess I could...
Prefer to take guess work out of it sir.
Umm NST shoe?
^ it's unintentional -- JCrew does that with all their sales and it drives me nuts (cashmere sweaters for $79? I'll have a look. Oh, that price was only for the puke green color, which is sold out, other colors are $200 each)
Thanks! I will need that luck.
As a guy expecting twins soon it is best I do not do that.
Thanks to both of you. Saw the boot in the store and agree its stunning but have to be responsible and seems like fit would not be the best.
Chances an 8.5 Barrie fits Vass 3636 last boot in 41.5? Hypothetically speaking...
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