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 Fantastic!  Congratulations to everybody who got these - been enjoying all of the pictures being posted lately, along with stories of 3 hour drives and border crossing, etc…
Interesting.  Not a great choice in my book.
I like the JCrew PCTs myself.  That said, you can get those again without too much trouble.  Not the same with the Cigar Indys.
Van is tricky - you might take your Barrie/Trubalance size, but then again, you might be better off going down a width for a loafer.  I take 8.5D Barrie but 8.5C on the Van LHS -- the tighter fit in the heel prevents slippage.  Alden DC helped me out on this a while back.
^ That is going to be AWESOME.   Sole choice?
Note the lack of a denial folks!
Somebody ordered over 4 MTO pairs.  Somebody is at the top of the list of suspects.
Oh so tomorrow is no good? I think my decision has been made for me mercifully.
You better gimme those boots in your avatar if you (YOU of all people) are gonna ask that one!
  Some great deals on non-Aldens.
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