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Anybody have a good accurate shot of the color of the 130s oxford grey flannel fabric from the last EFF?  I'm looking at the Walts on sale and the color is quite dark (and it is described as medium - dark) compared to what I received.  My pair of 120s oxford grey flannels from an earlier EFF also seems fairly light by comparison.  Thanks.
True.  I'm basing prices on ordering from the UK with the favorable dollar and before this recent price hike on their website.  No idea if those favorable prices are now a thing of the past. My Church's are all 10+ years old.  My C&Js are all within the last 3-4 years.
I'd agree with that, both high quality.  Church probably overpriced these days relative to CJ and would agree it is likely the ownership and advertising though hard to say for sure.
Sloppy shot snapped while wiping/checking for salt: CJ Snowdon, EG Galway, Carmina grain jumper
Thanks.  64 last, shearling lined. 
Can't compete with the Shannons but these brown Utah Galways are perfect for the NYC weather.
Wonder what the price point will be on these.
You're equating this to Orwell?  Ok.
Wait, African elephants are not endangered?  I think that might be one of those alternative facts we are hearing about these days.  I agree fully with Leaves, I have a hard time wrapping my head around supporting the use of skins of such an intelligent animal and one that is threatened at that.  I also think that whether or not the skins are "legally sourced" or not, there is a lot motivation where money is concerned to make things legal that otherwise should not be....
Wow, fantastic.
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