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Ok, wound up snagging a bottle of A'bunadh.  Good god.  
New thread idea:   Dainite, Dainite, Dainite:  It's the Worst/It's the Best/It will Kill You/You will Want to Have Babies with it.
Agree with everything here.  Drives me nuts to search and search and search for a date and not find it because it isn't there.  Then you wonder WHY THE F*CK it doesn't have the date, when you've had plenty of other bottles of the same that did?
Thanks for this.  Am leaning toward HP 12 and Laga 16 next.  For sake of comparison, may also pick up some JW Green and Hakushu 12.  Not all at once…
To crack addicts: "So then, would you say crack is worth it?  Do you like crack more than, say, not crack?" 
Just getting into this - did a lot of reading through here (very useful) and some other sources before taking a jump (not tasting first) picking up a Balvenie Doublewood and Talisker 10. Won't take this approach again going forward but extremely happy with both. Obviously quite different and enjoyable in their own ways. See myself leaning more to the Talisker yet no question to me that the Balvenie is excellent and I am reaching for that more in the warm weather. Any...
Agreed --  Fantastic!  Shame it is a one hit wonder because I would drink it regularly.  
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