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^ Because you talk out of your ass and make shit up.  
That's kind of my point. He isnt acting up like a spoiled child, he's kept incredibly quiet.
How does he act up like a spoiled child?
I thought you meant for this round zips or slip ons. You meant flying. My bad.
^ Does slip on mean Chelseas in this case?
Yes, yes, defend those comments. Nobody has more respect for women than you and Trump.
So shouldn't the people who despised Clinton then despise Trump? Hypocrisy is the human condition and all.
Totally missing the point.
Trump's karma is moving on him like a bitch.
I would find a good tailor and ask them what they can do and what they are comfortable doing.  My own personal experience --- which I can't necessarily say will be the same for you --- if that most tailors worth their salt can pretty easily alter other dimensions to scale when taking in an inch.  If you're changing things up by more than an inch, I've had more mixed results and there is only so much they can do.  Two inches is a maybe. I once had the terrible judgment to...
New Posts  All Forums: