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^ Thanks!
Those are tempting.  How did you size?
Nice. Happy to be wrong.
^ If you're talking about the ones you bought yesterday you should probably allow some extra time for holiday time off plus extra volume to process plus closure on Mondays. Understand wanting those trainers but I'd look forward to wearing them some time around next weekend (just a guess, could be sooner/later and not sure where you are).
Well, I'm sure I'll be happy enough when the 804s are done - agree it looks better but will have to take a leap of faith on the sizing.
I slept on the EB black captoes - literally.  Put them in the cart last night, decided to have an extra Duvel and some totally unnecessary leftovers, and went to bed.  Went to pull the trigger this morning and gone.  (I know, I know... This story gets old.)  Look forward to the 804 GMTO but now wondering if this model wasn't the way to go.
Good day to break out the Gitman Choice cuts coffee and cream very fuzzy flannel. Happy Thanksgiving Gentlemen.
+1. Extra muscular as of tomorrow pm.
+10000. You'd think there would be 50 GMTOs going for C&J Zug by now but only one...
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