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Good day to break out the Gitman Choice cuts coffee and cream very fuzzy flannel. Happy Thanksgiving Gentlemen.
+1. Extra muscular as of tomorrow pm.
+10000. You'd think there would be 50 GMTOs going for C&J Zug by now but only one...
^ Agreed on the gray donegal (kopped earlier today) although I find it hard to imagine the blue and gray not being essentially the same on the formality spectrum. Interesting that you don't do pants darker than shirts. I almost always prefer the opposite.
^ From one lawyer dad to another, I know it when I see it.
Show already kind of is a porn parody...
^ Superb!
. Thought it was gray. Also thinking about it.
No pressure and I know getting this stuff up is a lot of work, but any chance the rest of the sample trousers will go up before the EFF ends on Monday? Might be in for another pair or two but would like to compare the sample items before making a choice if possible.  Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: