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^ I see a filter.
Phonetic spelling for us please!
EG became a PITA
Follow the link - July
^ After kopping the grey melange first.
If you want to look formal (I question the need and functionality of a black suit to begin with), I think it's not going to work. Could it look good if done right, but more casually? Maybe.
^ Thinking the same. Lots of MTO possibilities here and might consider one before month's end. I think there's a poem I remember that's relevant to this, let me think....
Arides The bashful Arides Has married an ugly wife, He was bored with his manner of life, Indifferent and discouraged he thought he might as Well do this as anything else. Saying within his heart,’I am no use to myself, 'Let her, if she wants me, take me.' He went to his doom. by Ezra Pound
^ I'd say that pretty well sums it up.
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