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They made you pay return shipping for an order they messed up?  Did you ask them to cover it?  Perhaps it is time for me to unsubscribe and stop thinking about ever ordering from this company in the future.
Oh come on, I'm sure she'd be all over meeting some oil company executive who thinks global warming is a fraud perpetrated by the Chinese because it's a perfectly valid opposing viewpoint and exact counterweight to the argument that there is global warming.  Everybody knows that this is a 50/50 issue and nobody knows the real answer, so why not talk to one another and maybe then the science will resolve itself.
He is joking with you.  Don't ask him to enable you, you don't want that.
read my mind
Fresh from BB:
Those look great.  I think Patrick indicated several times in the past, in no uncertain terms, that Vass was not a good fit for Skoak absent some change in the way they do things.
What we really need is for a certain somebody to send a few tweets out about this and make American shoemaking great again. Edit: Made this snarky comment without fully reading the post.  That genuinely is a shame.
Only other option was Comey.
^ Fantastic.  Would have killed to have gotten those on sale.
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