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Being audited is an absurd excuse - when you're in Trump's tax bracket and claim the variety of deductions he certainly (legally) claims, you can expect to be audited more frequently than the average Joe and, moreover, releasing your returns has no bearing on the audit.  The IRS already has the returns and a lot of other (non-public) information on top of that.  The public seeing the return is meaningless. As for ordering that the audit be finished - we don't know if there...
I'm not saying it's the only thing that led to Trump.  Fine.
George Will left the Republican party over Trump but this sort of manufactured/speculative BS is what led to Trump.  There's enough real dirt on Trump not to have to invent stuff.  
Man up and deport people!  Cause you're a pussy if you don't lolz.
You're right, it's all a vast left-wing media conspiracy to stifle the voice of... a socialist.  I get it.
Actually looks like all the headlines now are that Wasserman-Schultz has resigned over it.  
Yes.  That's different.  They should report it.
Yes, we must presume their guilt, prosecute, impeach, and behead them.  Clearly.
They're going to totally disavow Trump as a candidate they never wanted or supported. He's just some guy who was't really a conservative and who hijacked the party. His candidacy was a fluke/Obama's fault. Then they'll move on.
Can you tell us more about your experience?
New Posts  All Forums: