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Agreed, except that they often aren't "Italian" but rather cheap and sometimes comically square toed, beaten up, neglected, etc.  I think wearing any type of loafer with a suit is a very American thing.  I am not saying I am against it, only that I personally don't do it even though I think you can get away with it in many contexts.  The LHS, even with the moc stitching, can be worn business casual without much difficulty.  It's a sharp loafer and fairly versatile. NYC and...
I think that's giving them too much credit.  I cannot tell if they're flat out stupid or think their customers are flat out stupid.  One or the other.
Thank you. I have resolved to wear this pair as often as possible.
She should thank you. Probably the nicest place on the Amalfi coast.
Superb. (Have those same 1.0 Garands and really wish the old version was still available.)
^ Best post I've seen in ages. Glad you enjoyed.
Lucky west coasters... Thanks.
Got my first order from Gustin in at work -- desert duck canvas chinos. Have yet to try on but pretty impressed by fabric and construction.
^ Keep trying. It's annoying but mine got a lot easier once I practiced a few times. Gums up a little at the bottom? Should be able to manage it with a little work. Happy with mine for the price despite this.
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