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Can we have the mods change the name of this thread to C&J MTO Thread? I'm so upset that people are using it to discuss things other than Whiskey Harlechs. It gives me heart palpitations and makes my eyes bleed. I come here ONLY to read about Whiskey Harlechs and the mention of other models is frankly in poor taste and appalling. Happy Labor Day.
^ You should clarify which Kamigata(s) you are interested in.
IIRC the restock was a while back - not recent.
God I love SF. Ok, it's ramen time.
Check back a few pages for a similar discussion. Also check Winn Perry's blog for pics of a similar boot after 6 years of wear.
^ Got it. Hope they work out - would love to see pics.
So are you aware of an incoming restock?  The website says the boots are not in stock.
^ I had same thought but it wasn't stocked in my size. Going with Winn Perry's crepe soled plain toe boot.
These are great ideas, particularly the second.
Agree, one of your sharpest fit pics yet. You'd think a flowered shirt, orange pants, and blue boots would be crazy together but they fit perfectly here.
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