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 I think Dylan is usually a large across the board (he's not a small guy) but has a slim build that lets him wear a medium in some items.  This annoys me slightly when that happens, because I can't do that.
May well go that route and get moar…
That sounds AWESOME.  Yeah, I just want to be comfortable, dammit.  Everything else kind of goes out the window.
Epaulet is killing my wallet.  On top of the 16 oz Wilshires I just ordered the knit track pants (will probably live in these for a while), speckled chambray, and 3-panel Reigning Champ.  Excited about this last one in particular.  The slate trainers are calling to me too but I managed to resist for now.
If they had I'd have already kopped! : - ) Isn't it enough you have the nerve to share my same shoe size?!
The depression aspect has made these much more appealing to me.  Hmmm, time to seek help?  The dogs are all like "I hate my fucking job."
Those have been pre-mac methoded.  I could probably live with those, however.
 Yep, excited.  The cut is great and the Wilshires really represent great value.  I'll get a heavier pair some other time.  I also figure that since my current pair is the ring-ring, which is 13 oz., the bump to 16 oz will feel more significant to me than if I had a 14 oz. variation.  (Ok, too much personal detail here maybe but trying to justify this to myself.)
16 oz Wilshires kopped. Wanted them to be 18 but... these look great.
^ great shoes but astonishingly great trousers - details please?
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