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You actually did.  Though it depends on how one wants to define what a "University" is.
 Trump is the Republican nominee and nearly level in the polls - and you think it's absurd that Angeline Jolie is teaching a course?  Makes perfect fucking sense.  He didn't bring it up by mentioning how he wasn't bringing it up.  Classy.
^ It's a quibble over historic and common usage (not that it's usage is common). I was being pedantic.
I get what you're saying.  I even somewhat agree.
So you're saying that a top marginal tax rate on the billionaires, who may only be a few hundred people, is analogous to a bill of attainder because the group is narrowly targeted (meaning small)?
Historically, a bill of attainder was an act that condemned a group to death without a trial.  Bills of attainder are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.  There are those who say the Federal income tax is also unconstitutional but they have not been so successful and a 90% rate has been imposed on the highest marginal tax rate in the past.  I am not in favor of it.  Is someone suggesting we bring it back to 90%?  I don't see that anywhere.
Making more topical.
Then they came for the brown people and I said, hey, at least they aren't increasing my estate taxes that I don't pay. 
Am I the only person who got the newsletter and spent a second or two wondering how they got Kit Harrington to model the new snorkel parka before snapping to?  (Which would kind of make sense...)
New Posts  All Forums: