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Everyone with impeccable taste.
I don't think you can tell much from that photo. I question the lighting - and so much depends on lighting with shell.
We've created a monster?
But gooooood Looooord.  Whoever would do such a thing…
   @Rydenfan and I are pretty sure nobody really needs this kudu.  But I just want to be clear that the kudu I was describing is Alden's kudu, which is NOT kudu antelope (which the Carmina boots are).  I'm pointing this out just in case anybody thought I was describing the Carmina antelope kudu as "tougher than CXL" and so forth.  I'll add that (1) the Carmina kudu might, for all I know, be tougher and (2) don't put too much stock in what I remember about Alden's version...
Those look pretty great to me.
I understand vaguely that it's cow leather treated much like how Horween treats shell. In theory tough - tougher than CXL. Read that a while ago but not sure where and only half sure my memory is correct.
I like yet don't own any Aldens in their kudu but - to clarify - that kudu is "a whole other animal" from this kudu, which is antelope rather than cow (Alden). Bureau Belfast has been incorrectly describing Alden's kudu for a while now.
Got to exercise restraint on more tankers and keep powder dry for sneakers...
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