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Thanks for the heads up. Grabbed a few pairs. Vermont tough socks too.
Was there any advance notice these new Leffot boots would be dropping?  Anybody know why they choose to do certain runs as pre-orders and other models just drop one day - BOOM - there they are?   My boot needs are pretty well spoken for right now, but I might have considered pre-ordering that suede NST had it been an option.  Just curious.
Unless it's straight out of the outback, one of the more ludicrous made up material names I've seen yet.
ok ok I will stop
You're such a Dover achiever. /DUCKS/
Don't Dover do it. 
I am pretty much on the same page with you except for that very last part.  I think these can indeed be MORE stylish and MORE cool, though the ceiling is still relatively low.  Probably not more appropriate, as you say. They definitely are badass.  Strongly considering a second pair. Very well said.  
 Sitting here in my sweatpants as a former anti-sweatpant crusader, I'll bite at this revival of the topic and say this: 1)  Part of what got me to change my mind (somewhat - still won't fly in sweatpants) is definitely the quality and aesthetic Epaulet is offering with its track pants and the Reigning Champ line.  I do think it is far superior and more stylish than the usual frumpy garbage you see out there.   2)  As with so many things, it depends on how you do it/wear...
I like this more than I should admit.
"That civilization may not sink/Its great battle lost" - WB Yeats
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