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^ Oh wow.  Very tempting designs.  Add another big round of applause for these.  Loving my pair of the loden trainers.  I definitely prefer the new sport trainer shape over the old one (which was also a beautiful design).  I'm not a guy who wears sneakers a lot but these are changing that.
Yes better to have it up yer own ass.
Fair enough.  Did you ever have a gose before?  Did you know what you were getting?  As I said before, I'd probably be repulsed myself if I ordered a gose without having had one and expecting something resembling a "normal" ale or lager.  I'm not implying you're naive or unsophisticated for not having had a gose (if this is the case).  Six months ago I'd never tasted, seen or heard of one either.  Since then I've grown out my chops, moved to Redhook, Brooklyn, and started...
Hey hey hey, some of us might just be watching that episode right now! Spoilers for spoilers!
 Yes, of course, it's not like transitioning from Macallan to Laphroaig.  I totally get it now.  
I liked the first gose I had but I thought it was WEIRD that this was something that you would call BEER.  I'm now a big fan of the style and of Westbrook's version.  That said, I can totally see how somebody would hate it.  I like really spicy food - my wife hates it.  I like cilantro, I know people completely repulsed by it.  Yadda yadda taste yadda.  One thing I could see is if you reached for a gose not knowing what it was and expecting "regular beer".  The revulsion...
^ Smart.
Some new items moved to the sale section.  Will have to grab a sweatshirt or two.  For those who did not grab a Thedi, the Wyatt is a steal now.  If that Koufax jacket moves to the sale section, I will probably not be able to resist (stay away, everyone else).
CC w ring ring
Never ordered from Bureau Belfast but they do not have accurate info on their product. For &)&(sake Horween kudu is NOT antelope already.
New Posts  All Forums: