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No, I genuinely didn't get your point. At all.
Ya me too…
Simpsons @Tifosi did it.
Those are just…  
Large. Fits better and it's bullswoolsier.
Not getting into the anger issues of various people, myself included, I would say that yes, the chances of getting those are very slim, absent some sort of sea change in the availability of rare shell models.  It is *possible* so your chances are not "none" but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Some people are more optimistic but I am not sure when the last time this make was done before was and when the next run will happen.
At least a 9
You are not allowed to eat veggie chili in bulls wool.  You are not even allowed to say or type or think of "veggie" anything.
For comfort, crepe is king.
Awwww… *Cries*
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