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Ditto. Epic post.
Chippy wins.  Keeping.
Wife sent me out in the freezing cold - decided to break out the shearling lined brown Utah Galways on 64. Have these listed but taking them down
[[SPOILER]] Big fan of Dulle Teve.  One of the better triples I've ever had.
 Good work on the brown Eidos.  Not sure if you got the last 50 but I had that it my cart at various points last night and this morning but had to refrain - an amazing buy at that price.    [[SPOILER]] Memory coat looks great.
^ What he said, even though he should still buy my EGs to the extent he does have any solvency remaining.
^ Embrace the creasing!!!
^ I see a filter.
Phonetic spelling for us please!
EG became a PITA
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