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Mikkeller 1000 IBU Imperial IPA --- Appropriately bitter up front, candy/honeyed notes for a little balance, good body.  Gets a little cloying by the end though.     Ommegang Gnomegang --- The Chouffe yeast is a star here.  Caramel, vanilla, tropic fruits, spice, banana, bread.  Alcohol well hidden.  Subtle -- I wasn't too sure at first, but appreciated it more with each sip.
That can't be right.  That must be suede turned inside out.
Crooked Stave Progenitor Noir (Dark sour ale, dry hopped) --- Dry hopping totally lost on me.  Not a lot of body, lots of Brett, fairly two-dimensional.  Pleasant but disappointing at its price point.   Ommegang Abbey Ale --- Had plenty of Ommegang but missed this one.  Holy shit.  What a beautiful beer.  Rich, complex, malty but balanced, delicious.
Got some week old jai alai -- just awesome stuff. So much juice and yet so much intense hops still punches through it.
That's it.  Time to chop off my fingers to keep from buying.  Only way to do it.  Been real fellas.  OIOILKJNHIUPHIUBHJFLKJNLKFDSJKJNFKSJFN(J:LKJ:LKNFLKDFL:KLKNNLKFDNS:LKF:L DKSF:SLKFJ:LDSKNFM<N()(!!!!!!jkafkjl
Can the mods please change every Carmina-related thread to include NO SHELL GMTOS ALLOWED?  For example:   Skoaktiebolaget - Carmina (NO SHELL GMTOS ALLOWED), EG, GG, Bonafe - Official Affiliate Thread
+1 on the Nebuchadnezzar.  Absolutely loved it.  Juicy is definitely the word -- really impressive balance between the juice and the bitterness.  Lots going on.  Great nose and body.  A winner.
I think both of those movies were on the pay-per view at the last hotel I stayed at.  I swear I did not watch.   
   Go with what works and by all means, I'm not arguing with solid results.  Definitely interesting to hear about all of that, Steve.  My only real interest in posting was too provide another perspective because some people freak out when they hear about one way of doing things and think they have to go that route or there will be huge issues.  Now, based on your post, I realize that perhaps your method could be the best result for some people.  I have many issues but feet...
I really don't mean to contradict you in the sense that I respect your observations and experience.  That said, I put the shoe trees in right away and have never noticed an issue myself.  I was conflicted on this until I read Vass's book.  He says to go ahead and put the trees right in.  In the end I think this stuff is very hard to quantify and the main point is that you should use shoe trees.
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