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^ much appreciate it but that PAM and vibergs are just slowing you down too much...
Snuff suede belt looking good on IG
^ agree
It's still August but did a surgical strike on one of the last few snorkel parkas and got it last night. Super impressed with it -- highly recommend as others have last winter. Bring on the cold!
^ Probably not if it's true that EG only does veldt on 64 last.
^ glad to enable, please post pics
Looks like JCrew has a new Alden PT boot in camel suede up. No last info -- thanks, guys. A 25% promo is out but looks like it doesn't work (at least on these).
Nobody on SF has seen or heard from Tifosi for over 2 minutes now. Therefore he must be Tifosi...
That's my understanding as well. Much less into the jeans if pre distressed.
^ I noticed those and thought about it but probably too small as I am putting on weight during my wife's preggers. [Pauses to eat more fried rice.] To keep this appearing to be marginally relevant, I'd STILL be looking for the 18 oz...
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