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There is a Carmel, New York, a Carmel, Maine, a Carmel, Indiana and I am sure there are other places with towns/cities named Carmel.  You decided that this was Carmel, CA.  I can understand that you are disappointed, however, nobody has mislead you but yourself.
Guys, if the color 4 doesn't work for you please PM me I will takes them.
Awesome, Mike. They all look great but the WT boot really does stand out even among those incredible makeups.
Interesting... Feel fortunate they worked as I ordered blind on fit.
Thanks. My instep is on the higher end - not sure about the seriously part.
2102. I got these last week just in time to wear for an important meeting. They are extraordinary. First but definitely not last pair of Bonafes.
You know how a top restaurant chef (or smart restaurant manager) will create and promote daily specials using the leftovers and unused ingredients that are clogging up pantry space and about to go to waste? This was the pants selling version of that. I respect it. Would have preferred to just see everything go up at once and compare it all - though maybe this would have caused a site crash. Don't mean to come across as sour just saying my preference. Looking at all...
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