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They are burgundy shell.
I couldn't agree more. I love mine.
New AE Black She'll Daltons.
Here is a one of mine. Photo quality is very poor, but I love that I can wear these with a suit, slacks, khakis or jeans. A very versatile boot. This was taken with direct sunlight in a dimly lit room. 
I have actually been thinking about spring and seersucker, and am kind of jonesin' for a blue suede strand with a double thick sole and wheeling.
That Natty Shell Strand is great, of course I got the same one. But, those Green Shell Macneils and Patriots are so choice. Nice work!
Not a happy camper this a.m. Just put on my shell daltons, and ripped the pull tab. While I know the pulls on daltons are more visual than functional, it's hard to not grab it when putting on your boot... Now mine is ripped...
New Bourbon Strands today. Love the strand, this is my 4th pair of Strands. (Brown shell, natty shell, walnut calf and now bourbon calf)
And those were just my shells... :)
My AE Shell Collection Back Row: Brown Patriots, Brown Jeffersons, GMTO Brown Bayfields, MTO Black Daltons & Burgundy Daltons Middle Row: MTO Walnut Macneils, MTO Walnut Macneils, Burgundy Macneils & Black Macneils Front Row: MTO Natural Strands, Brown Strands, MTO Burgundy Franciscans & Black Park Avenues
New Posts  All Forums: