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It is nice that we can now legally enjoy these, and bring a few back into the states. Today I enjoyed a Partagas Series P No. 2.
I'd be in for a navy suede strand or navy calf strand.
I like this a lot, just not sure what I would wear it with... I am probably out, but I do like it.
The grass isn't totally green, and the yanks aren't doing to well, so here's to wishing things change soon...
Ok guys, looking for some input. I have had these William Williams (independence line) for a few years. This is my second pair, they replaced my first because of very odd rippling and cracking on the vamp. These have probably been worn 2 dozen times at most. They are developing some deep looking cracks in the vamp. I have used VSC and Saphir renovateur on them, and have not been able to prevent the deep looking cracks. The leather is soft and supple. I've nitvhar this on...
They are burgundy shell.
I couldn't agree more. I love mine.
New AE Black She'll Daltons.
Here is a one of mine. Photo quality is very poor, but I love that I can wear these with a suit, slacks, khakis or jeans. A very versatile boot. This was taken with direct sunlight in a dimly lit room. 
I have actually been thinking about spring and seersucker, and am kind of jonesin' for a blue suede strand with a double thick sole and wheeling.
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