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My shell daltons are aeconds, and the tongue on one boot is slightly askew. Only I will ever know, because you can't tell when they are being worn. It does not affect my wear. Very comfortable.
I say yes. Or at least get close. 
Walnut Shell Macneils today with some fun new socks from Soul Socks, my sock of the month club.
Yes, you warned me. It is like heroin, not that I have ever done heroin, but I can imagine it is close to the same thing.  Shell shoes: Macneil - Walnut MTO natural weltMacneil - Walnut MTO brown weltMacneil - BlackDalton - Burgundy No. 8Strand - BrownFranciscan - New Burgundy MTOGrayson - Burgundy No. 8Jefferson - BrownPatriot - BrownPark Avenues - Black I feel like I need a pair of brown shell Bayfields....     Heroin....
I want to thank @watchidiot for all his help in organizing the GMTO. It certainly has had to be a lot of time on his part. Kudos to you @watchidiot. I would suggest if Paul allows for it, that we do a GMTO every couple of months. Maybe we come back in Nov/Dec and try a few other make ups. Just a thought. There seems to be some interest in a shell Bayfield as well as some others. I for one would be down for a shell Bayfield, but am not interested in the shell EC as I...
My Shell Cordovan Graysons arrived yesterday. After a little cleaning up and a lot of brushing they look great. These actually came from the error in pricing they had a couple weeks back on the shoebank site. The size I wanted was held for someone else, and they backed out. So I got them and they honored the mistaken price. Great customer service. I couldn't be happier with the treatment I have received from AE throughout the years. I gotta say though, I don't think these...
Maybe.... But maybe they could learn from us, their most devoted and knowledgable customers about what we want. And if we want it, maybe the rest of America would want it also. I would hope that soon they would offer some of these make ups as part of their catalog... AE has for free a great focus group to give input, and they should be utilizing us.
I don;t understand why they are doing it in that make up. I think that tan leather with that sole is awful. Especially after I had my Bourbon MTO and so many others did beautiful MTOs, I can't figure out why they don't offer other make ups. 
Seeings as how you are a Red Sox fan AdamAdam, and me being a Yankees fan, I am inclined to not help. But you obviously have excellent taste in footwear, so I will. :) I wear a 12D in the Dalton, and it fits me great. I have 3 different pairs. I had the EC MTO done in 12D, and it fits fine, but is a tad roomy in the toe box. I probably could have went down a 1/2 size, but that could have been snug. I am not at all complaining at all with the fit. I own a pair of...
Sorry for toe poor cell phone picture quality, but here you see my EC in the middle. The left is Shell Daltons. They are the same height. The right is a pair of Fifth Streets. The EC will be great Winter Boots. Just make sure the leather is protected from the elements. My ECs have a mini lug on them which makes them great for winter.
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