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The pics of the new brown shell strand I saw this morning inspired me to wear mine today.
I noticed this on my brown shell Bayfields, but also noticed it a number of months back on my brown shell Jeffersons. All of my previous shell seemed to be finished better. I am hoping that after some wearing, warmth from within and constant TLC,  it will begin to get the same finished look as my other shells. 
I tried to get a MTO of this under the old MTO program, and Allison said it had to be a shoe/boot they produced. This was one that was never introduced....
My MTO chili grain Jeffersons should give you some idea on color. 
I'd ask for second pricing on those. If you send those pics to Allison, I am sure she would accommodate your request. If you can live with it...
 Me Three!
New GMTO Merlot Eagle County boots. Got them yesterday and laced them last night. I noticed the eyelets on the right boot were off just a bit. Probably nothing the average person would notice but it'll bug me some. I decided to wear them today (after a good coat of VSC and neutral Polish) and noticed one of the hooks is rotated in a funny position making it a bit difficult to hook the lace. At any rate I'm gonna keep them but mention the issues to Allison. This is also my...
Glad to get an email from Allison today letting me know I have been invoiced for my GMTO Merlot EC. I got the initial order verification 7 weeks ago. A little longer than I was hoping for, but I am super stoked to get these. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. 
I did, it helped a bunch to get the excess cream off. Mine look great.
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