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Here is a pic of the new Blue Strand in the wild yesterday while at lunch. They look blue in the sunlight (or a blue/black), but under the office lights of my office they almost look black.
I may be the first to have received the blue strands, I know I was one of the first to order them, ordering minutes after the email came out on these early that Sunday morn. Nonetheless, they arrived today, and here are some pics. Some pics with flash and some without. It's easy to tell the difference. The blue is very subtle. I think these will be great with some grey flannels.
I ordered mine early Sunday morning when the email came through. Can't wait to get them.
Definitely the new Bartlett. I got my pair last week. The cap on mine was burnished more than the rest. I think they just stamped it incorrectly. I would say that the very slight crookedness of the cap wont be noticed when on. I shined mine up really well, and the darker cap looks pretty nice.
OK guys, I have been away for months, but had to jump on this morning to show my new AE's. The Independence Line Bartlett. I will show some more pics after I get them polished up. 
 I have the Saddleback Large Classic Briefcase in chestnut, and I would say I get more compliments on it than I do my shoes, which I get compliments on a lot. But the bag is always being complimented by men and women. If you keep it cleaned up with mothers milk, or I use VSC on it from time to time, it does not look rugged. If you allow for the scuffs on it, which actually look kind of cool, it does look rugged. As for where they are made, I understand that they are now...
I've been wanting to get a pair of Bradley Shells. If anyone wants to part with a 12D, let me know.
Wore mine today. Currently my favorite shoe in my rotation.
I could maybe be talked into a Rogue Shell MTO. Keep me in mind as a maybe, and if it takes a while to get us there, I may jump in. I just can't right now. Probably need to part with some shoes I am not wearing. I currently have 33 pairs of AE and 13 pairs of hose are shell.... I have a problem, and you are enabling me... :)
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