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Tough for us big-footed lads to find shoes without paying full bust-out retail and I'll leave that for the hedge fund managers among us; they enjoy it.    Looking for low cut; new or virtually new; any color/finish considered. If you've got a pair you'd care to part with, please PM me and we'll see if we can work out a mutually acceptable price. Thanks
Have one each new Saphir Wax polish in Bordeaux (large, 100 ml size) and Saphir Cream polish in Bordeaux.    $11.95 for the wax; $12.95 for the cream or both for $19.95. Shipping included in Cont. US.   Thanks,   Cloozoe
My father used to tell this joke:   Guy was walking down the street in the Bronx when a shady character called to him from a doorway.   Shady character: "Pssst, hey pal - want to buy an elephant?"   Guy: "What're you nuts?! I live in a one room 5th floor walk-up; what am I gonna do with an elephant?!"   SC: "Yeah, but it's only $500!"   G: "Maybe you didn't hear me - I've got no use for an elephant!"   SC: "I'll make it $400. You know what an...
With all sympathy and good will; so do your pictures :)
Ah! Thank you.
When I see a label such as this in an alleged sport coat:       Does the 7 indicate the drop thus in turn indicating an orphaned suit coat? If not, what does it mean?   Thanks.
When I see a label like this in a supposed sport coat:       Does the 7 indicate the drop?; in other words is it an orphaned suit coat?   Thanks.
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