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I second the Pinky recommendation. Prices (as I recall them some years ago) weren't the cheapest by Thai standards, but there was some room for negotiation. Quality has been top notch, especially trousers, and pieces have generally held up well to my abuse.
Thought I'd share my recent experience at Jantzen as a first time customer there (though no stranger to tailors around Asia). Got measured at their shop in person in late Nov, and got the shirts about 2 weeks ago in New York, so decent turnaround time. I'll keep things brief, as much has been said about Jantzen already:   -- Ordered 4 shirts in standard office colors (white, blue, bengal etc). Fabric selection was fair, but nothing really outstanding. Made up into...
  Thanks Liquidus, good advice. It's after taking it home that I find it isn't outstanding with any of my shirt/suit combos.
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Hi all,   I'm fairly new to SF, but have reaped the benefits and drawbacks of lurking for several months -- better dressed but much poorer.   Picked up this tie on sale today simply because I haven't seen this Zegna line before. Can any forum experts enlighten me on whether this is a special line etc.? I'm not a huge fan of the pattern, but if it's something worth keeping I might hang on to it.   As seen in the pics below:   -- "Ermenegildo Zegna"...
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