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Going back and looking at this again, it seems like I didn't really answer your question, and it's more about actually encouraging the hair to grow more fully, right? Sorry about that. In that case, I second what mensimageconsultant said. There are some various vitamins and beard washes that say they help promote hair growth but I'm pretty skeptical of them personally.
You might find this beard care routine "walkthrough" helpful. I don't do all of the steps myself, but I don't think that's the point either. I found it helpful to read through it and see what the different products are intended to be used for and then pick and choose what I need. Are you a Redditor? There are some great beard subreddits as well. r/beards and r/beardtalk come to mind.
Ah, sorry, guess I missed this post above. Don't think I can make that night though, as there's a wedding I have to attend. Will try and make the next one. Quote: Originally Posted by retozimmermann Hi Gents There don't appear to be too many votes, however, particularly, there doesn't seem to be any opposition to doing it on the 6th. Therefore, let's just give it a go on Friday, 6 May, 2000 @ Praha in Itaewon If those who will attend briefly...
Just now noticed this thread. Whoops! How'd it go? I'm up for the next one.
Here's the situation: My brother graduates from med school next month and he's insanely jealous of the three piece suits I've been getting custom made here in Seoul, so I'd like to get him a three piece suit as a graduation present. The problem is that due to my new job, and him moving to the east coast for residency, there's pretty much no way that we'll be able to link up so I can go with him to help pick it out, get fitted, etc. My tailor here won't do it if the...
Had my GTs about 4 months and love 'em. Only problem is they've ruined all my socks. Anyone else had this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Has anyone mentioned Blanc in Kansas City? To quote the immortal Jules Winnfield, "That IS a tasty burger!" http://www.blancburgers.com/ = burger nirvana. Was in KC a couple weeks ago for a short time. Had it twice in three days (in between eating barbecue). The burgers there were awesome. I had the American Kobe and the one with Blue Cheese inside the patty. I had some nit-picky things about both, but...
Just sent the money for the GT's. Thanks for putting up with all my questions and delays! Looking forward to receiving them this weekend/early next week! JoyDiffusion was great to deal with. I had a bunch of questions about the GTs and shipping, and he answered them all. My boots are in the mail.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one It's gonna be pretty tapered Steve At least the first run anyway. I may come out with an alternate, less tapered, less-skinny fit, we'll see. I think you could pull it off though, it'd require a different mindset fit-wise for you I think, but yeah you could do them. Wait and see, they're gonna be awhile still. I gotta wait for my girlfriend to report back to me, and then I gotta pull together resources and get...
Wow, thanks for the fast responses. I'm sure the zappos free shipping wouldn't apply to me being overseas, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the brannock device somewhere. If these shoes fit close to the Brannock size then I'll be good to go.
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