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Usually a 42 sized jacket is designed for someone who has a chest measurement of 42". The jacket would usually be 2" to 3" bigger than your chest measurment so it is consistent with a size 42. Whether it will work for you will depend you your actual chest measurement. Jeff
Two years ago I had some dress shirts made at Royal Fashion in Dubai. They were delivered a day earlier than promised but were too large in the shoulders. They remade them for the next day (the original delivery date). I am still happy with them. From memory they were around $60.00 each. Jeff
Crockett and Jones for Tom James--$74.99 BIN. Jeff
I stopped by my local Ralph's in Whittier, CA. Kiwi was regular price ($5.49) and was not on sale. Jeff
Try to find them and buy them back. GW pricing should be very reasonable.
I had some shirts made at Royal Fashion in the Jumeira Beach Hotel. They shirts were successful but I have no experience with their tailored clothing. Jeff
I have purchased several pair of shoes from this seller. They were well represented and pictured and I found no issues with the in-sink cleanup in the actual shoes. Jeff
...or Pratt. In my experience it has the same volume as a half-Windsor. Jeff
Same as a 42L in other brands.
When I visited Hong Kong in October of 2007, I stopped in to Jantzen Saturday at Noon and picked up 8 shirts at 1:00 PM the next day. I had ordered two shirts previously on-line, but I believe that had little to do with their speed. Jeff
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