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I think that the most manly way to experiment with civet would be to remove the glands yourself, bare handed.
bumping this up - I like oud, but I also remember not liking it when I first enountered it. it is very common in the Arabian Gulf. what are your thoughts, now? aside from it being trendy or not, is it a little offputting?
I was joking about the thing about countries deserving to be invaded, but I am 100%, fully and with no reservations behind drones. drones are the best thing that has happened to civillization since the gunship. I see no problem killing badguys, even with the occasional accident thrown in
Gentlemen, I am looking for a very specific picture, and I am hoping that somebody can help me. picture a double breasted jacket, with a relativly high gorge worn with a shirt with a spread collar, so that the angle of the colar, and the angle of the wings of the lapels on the jacket, are in an almost straight line. I am sure that I saw a picture of somebody wearing this on the forum, recently. thanks in advance for help on this.
this weekend to dusselfdorf, then paris, then belgrade.
all those countries deserved it
1. put my report on notice - so he strarts bawling "my wife is dieing and you are firing me" and crying like a littel girl. cunt. 2. my mom calls and asks to borrow money, that we both fully know that she intends to give to my sister, and then not pay me back, pair of cunts 3. my torn calf muscle prevents me from doing most excersizes, and I am freaking out.
my reports are all off to their home countries today, I won't see the fuckers for a while! cool, peace anf quiet.
sorry for your loss, stiches. I had another fucking blow up with my team last night - I got tickets to a fucking bulls game, great fucking tickets. we agree to meet downtown before the game for a drink. I leave my daughters birthday party before the end, in order to be downtown to meet them on time. on my way, 30 minutes after they should have left, they call me to tell me that they still haven't left, and that they will leave in 15 minutes or so. so I say something...
our family pet is a rabbit, when she dies she goes into a braising dish, with some dark belgian beer. jsut saying
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