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does anybody do these? anything good or bad to say about them? I do a lot of solo excersize, and some martial arts group classes, and a yoga group class, but never any group excersize classes as such. I have access to a bunch of them, both through my gym and my boxing gym. any thoughts?
although they do have hot chicks, don't they?
that's always cool.
very nice.
this is a good way of putting it - if you are high maintanance, there will always be people who are just waiting for you to fuck up so that they can get rid of you.look over your posts - you are almost saying that you are doing this lawfirm a favor working for them as an intern, and it seems that you believe that. and you can bet your ass that several people feel that, people who don't have rich parents and who didn't buy an expensive watch until after they had started tp...
where are you in south america? honestly, I'd go with bogota, Lima, Santiago or BA, in each you can get a great wardrobe cheaper than in the US.
I know a lot of industrial engineers. it seems to be a very good field to get work in, even today. basically, you can work in a factory, you can design things that are manufactured, or you can consult for factories. the way I understand it, you deal with the manufacturing process, and things that are used in the manufacturing process.
you are getting shit on because the issue isn't your cufflinks, its your attitude.almost everybody who has commented on your question has young people who report to them, perhaps all - I don't know. one of them has hundreds of people who work under him. I have mentored several people who started out fresh from nothing and ended up in very good corporate positions, and I presently have a few younger people who report to me.when we comment on your basic life philosophy, we...
+1.there are plenty of places that I believe kids should be wolcomed and should make a reasonable amount of noise. we want kids to go to a lot of places where they can learn. banging stuff and yelling in a coffee shop is not the right behavior
didn't read it, what I am enjoying is the essay structure, it is great for stoping and starting
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