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yeah, there is no way that two truck loads of Nazis with assult rifles can't kill a couple of DEA agents with a hangun and a shotgun. also, there are 3 episodes left, why spare hank now?possibly more likely, hank gets wounded and the Nazis won't let walt take him to a hospital and walt ends up crying over a dying hank.
beer is living proof god loves us and wants us to be happy.look, quick, I sell things. I enjoy what I do, I provide jobs for a lot of people, but mostly I get enjoyment from my mastery of the game and the rewards it brings me. I have a very nice life style. you don't need to be mother fucking teressa.aside from that, beer is a good thing (it goes without saying that you're not selling like, coors, or something, right?)
sorry, I think this is way off. what's going on in Egypt is pretty bad, but the numbers are nothing like what is happening in Syria, and Egypt is pretty clear cut- there is a secular side that is pro-American, or at least rational enough to do business with, and a religious, anti-American side. and the pro-American side is clearly going to win. in Syria it isn't clear who is the side that is best for America, but it is clear that huge numbers of people are being killed,...
I think that Rwanda is the reason for a lot of stuff that we do. we probably should have intervened, or somebody should have.
I just got back to town and had a chance to see sundays show. fantastic.Walt was driving like a madman, and he left from the car wash, it wouldn't be that difficult to follow him. what makes it harder to follow someobody isn't how fast they travel, its how concentrated they are on checking if they are being followed. walt was totally batshit, he would be very easy to follow.to show he's nuts. he's a good looking young guy who must be worth millions, and he is acting...
paris will be great in oct. nice is good in Oct, but I don't really like the beaches that much there, anyway. the market in nice is nice, and the matisse museum is nice (trying to remember if its nice or marsai) have fun.
honestly, if you really want a serious job and to dress like a dandy, you probably want to be a staff executive, not a line executive. you need to be offering a knowledge based skill that you know very well and that provides value to your team despite eccentricity.
he posted on my FB the other day
march can be cool. Vienna to prague has a great bike trail/canoe trail, just fyi.while I love all 3 cities, prague is small and the other 2 are big, so I would make one of the cities prague.
I liked what he said to hank, though - "he's smarter than you, he's luckier than you , you don't get it"
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