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off on my way to see my dad, he's scheduled for heart surgery, and my wife and kids are out of town. this should be interesting. I thought that it would be nice to give him some moral support, but I don't know how this will go, I might be tired of it after a day, or I might last a week. we'll see.
I love global entry. the TSA pre check does me no good, apparently if you have any open ticketed legs that are international, you can't use the pre-check line, which basically means I can never use it. global entry I use all the time, I can be out of O'Hare in 15 minutes after my plan touches down.
the MAAG was magic. it makes bag guys disappear. but it was a specialty weapon, it was usually used by the biggest guys in the platoon.I have to say, from US military literature (like Tim O'Brian) it seems that the M-60 was typically carried by big guys, too. yeah, 6 inches shorter, 3 pounds lighter.
you got me - I'm pretty surprised to see that film myself. now my whole life seems less impressive. it seemed a lot harder to me.
I've never used one. I have used an FN MAAG, pretty extensively. they use the same ammunition, and serve the same purpose. the MAAG is not an easy weapon to operate, from a sling. almost nobody pulls the charging handle back. the standard way to fire a MAAG is to swing the weapon forward and use the momentum to cock it.
down in mexico city. my oldest friend, who I was friends since middle school, from Israel, was in mexico city for business, too. so we had dinner, first time I've seen him in a maybe 7-8 years. it was nice.
on the assumption that our friend crane probably has a few of these lying around, I'd be willing to bet a buck you couldn't do it in 3 tries.
they are typically used by one of the biggest guys in the platoon, who is, typically, 19 or 20 years old. I'd say most 50 year old men couldn't even chamber a round with an m-60 on a sling, let alone fire it.
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