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I worked with something like 6 start ups. 3 went under, 3 succeeded, but the 3 that succeeded did so on a very small level, so I didn't make anything serious. I don't regret trying, but I have no desire to try again. I have several friends who have done well on startups, but, as a management/sales professional and not an inventor, it is a gamble if the company you go with will be a success or not.
I'd like to point out the difference between an American style icon and a European style icon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Joseph_Drexel_Biddle,_Jr. I'd say biddle had a site more character
oh, I delegated it, I just find it amusing that this hospital big shot went out of her way to get me to pay for her ride to the airport.
so, we have a really great factory in Chicago. every time I meet an end user, I suggest that they visit our factory if they are ever in town. a vip from one of our biggest customers in Brazil, a very prestigious hospital, asked me to arrange a visit this week. the logistics went back and forth, now it is obvious to me that I am sending a stretch limo to pick them up at a downtown hotel and take them to my factory for lunch and then to the airport. I have been made into a...
or working in slaughter houses. the only vet I know works in a slaughter house
boots I get, the watch I don't get. you get custom shirts, ask the shirtmaker to make your left cuff bigger.
I am partial to "buyah!"but I think "have a meaningful fast" is the one you are looking for.
if god didn't like bums why did he make so many of them?
yes and no. hizballah certainly does a lot for the Shiite people of Lebanon. the big trouble is that they should really make peace with Israel and get back to normalization and develop the Lebanese economy. by staying armed they put the whole Lebanese state and economy at risk.
its an interesting subject. I am very passionate about my job, and I love what I do. I honestly don't care about my product - I am happy that I sell a good product and that makes my life easier, but my job is to sell what I am given, and I've sold shitty products, too. essentially, I plan and then execute a process that helps the customer understand that he can do business with my company and that my product is the best to meet his needs. I am lucky that what I enjoy...
New Posts  All Forums: