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and, just so that I am on the record as the first to say it - there were a hell of a lot of guns in the hands of good guys in a 500 meter radios of the shooters. good guys with guns aren't always the answer. the shooter seemed to get in with the outdated id of a 50 year old black man. the guard was not paying attention at all.
I am really wondering what the motive for this one will be, unless they are Nazis or something like that.
I was wondering about this. I almost thought that he was going to put a note in the diaper where to find the money. I thought that he needed more time to talk to skylar, and he realized that she just wasn't listening.I think that the Nazis are cooking because they have a plan. aren't they trying to take over the world or something?
yeah, he looked like he was going to piss
he's barking mad, that is what's cool about him."jesse and I have history"
I hate the people who bring their fucking dogs on the school playground, dispite all the dog parks in the area and all the signs saying that they can't bring their dogs on school property. that pisses me off.
yep, I thought that was obvious.interesting about his money - I wasn't convinced, but I could change my mind that he could come back just for revenge for the personal affront and stealing his money.
the thing is, I honestly don't believe that walt will die for revenge. there has to be a good reason for him to attack, and it probably has to do with saving his family. I don't know what exactly will happen, but he has to feel that the Nazis are threatening his family for what ever reason. that seems to be the most likely reason for him to come back.
If I remember correctly, there is also correlation in the animal world between ball size and how likely it is for multiple males to fuck the same female. the idea is that if you are likely to fuck a female that has been fucked by 5 other guys, the more semen you can produce the more successful you are. science is interesting.
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