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looks like I will be in Melbourne on labor day 1. any specific recommendations for labor day? I've been in Melbourne a few times, but it would be a shame for me to miss something that everyone else knows about but I don't know to be on the lookout for. 2., anybody want to have a meal/beer? 3. any non-labor day specific recommendations that I might have missed in previous trips? 4. any recommendations for a good running route? the last time I was there I ran along a...
yep.what is the percentage of people who actually go to court and get convicted of a crime? our whole system is based around plea bargins and dismissal of cases that won't be easy to convict, yes, I'd take away a persons guns and license until he is convicted, sure.
what I love about this is it isn't clear cut what will happen. I didn't, for a second, anticipate that marie would go to skylar in the last episode and force her to tell Flynn, for instance. after reading some of the above, I wouldn't be surprised if jesse makes a deal with the Nazis and Lydia and, a year later is a drug kingpin and walt does come back to stop him. maybe even jesse or the Nazis try to find walt and that drives him to come back, or maybe he is just...
I will be the first to agree that the vast majority of ccw holders are the salt of the earth and they are not the "problem". but my point is that if laws are so lax as to allow this guy to have a ccw liscense, and I am guessing that his rifle was also legal in texas, and he probably bought his ammo legally - if he and thousands other like him have access to firearms, the whole system really should be re-vamped.
all snark aside - it seems that he was arrested for shooting out the tires of somebody who "disrespected him" and also discharging a firearm, in a separate state, in his apartment. he claimed that he blanked out with anger. if you can do that and still get a ccw license there is a problem with the system.
yes, but I like to poke
hey, I've never suggested taking guns away from anybody. I'm just pointing out that all those guns didn't help very much
or, possibly, a middle aged bookkeeper who talked nicely to a shooter http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/21/school-bookkeeper-talked-gunman-down-in-atlanta-school-shooting/
not having a gun, maybe?
ok, seeing a picture of the shooter, I am going to guess he wasn't a Nazi....
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